How to Make Valentine’s Art for Your Home Using Canva!

Want to use Canva to make super cute Valentine's Day printables for your home_ Take a look at my step-by-step tutorial

How to Make Valentine’s Art for Your Home Using Canva!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for…well for ever! I absolutely love Canva and I really want to share with you how to use it to create your own pieces of art to decorate your home with. You do not need the paid version. And you do not need an art degree. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and before you know it, you’ll be updating your home for Valentine’s, spring, summer, Halloween and Christmas! Grab some motivational ones for free here too!

OK so tell me more!

So first up, get a Canva account here – – I think you can log in using your Faceache or Twitter account.


Next, think about the size of art you want to create. A4, A5? Where do you want to put your creation? On a wall, in a frame or perhaps you want to make a card to give someone.

The great thing about Canva is you can resize your canvas to whatever you need. Start out with any template and resize it as below. Scroll down and pick A4 or use your own custom dimensions.

canva make own art work tutorial sizing

Find Inspiration

Once you know what size you want, if you’re stuck for inspiration then a quick Google search should give you some ideas. Try searching “Valentine’s day printables” or artwork. Try Pinterest for ideas too.

Once you know what you want to make, the rest is super easy!

Let’s say we want to make a simple A4 print that states LOVE. You could easily do this using MS Word or PowerPoint but go with me. Canva is fab!

Start Designing! 

OK so this is the fun bit, once you have an idea in mind, start designing using Canva!


First up, navigate to Background area. You can see below you can pick any colour and you can also pick a pattern.

canva make own art work tutorial background colours

I’m going to choose this pink which actually features in the Me and B logo.

canva background image pink colour

Add Text

Next, let’s add some text. Simply press SHIFT+T to bring up a text box.

canva how to add text to make art work

Using the top bar, you can change the font, resize and change the colour of your text. Play around with the fonts as there are hundreds.

canva text font and size

Here I’ve chosen Abril Fatface in size 144.

I like white text. It is clean and crisp. I don’t like the spacing though…


Use the spacing tool to adjust this here:

canva text spacing

See? It looks a lot better now. I’ve actually changed the font too – Aileron Heavy. I prefer this simple style.

canva text change and spacing

And Print

If you are happy with your design, save it and print.

canva ready to print

Add Images

I find the main thing with Canva is to start with an idea in mind and always remember, less is more! Otherwise your designs end up cluttered. And I know how tempting it can be to try out every font and every illustration! But trust me…less really IS more here!

Let’s say we don’t want any text. We just want hearts. Let’s search for some hearts to add…

When searching, use the “+” sign to narrow your search. For example:

canva image search using plus sign

See how I’ve used heart + background. If you just type heart, it will bring up photos and illustrations.

Add Hearts

OK so let’s pick this heart background. Look out for images and photos that state Free. It’s fine you use the ones with a $ sign. The images typically cost only $1 – so much less than you’d pay for a print in a store!

Here are our hearts:

canva image heart background

Change the Colour

I’m not sure on the colours now though…Let’s make those hearts white.

canva image heart background make white

Ahh, that looks better.

canva image white hearts

And let’s resize so it fills the A4 space.

canva image white hearts resize

Hmm i’m not sure on the bright me and b pink now either!

Let’s change that background to something more subtle.

canva image light pink hearts

Add Another Image

Let’s add another heart to draw some focus to this print…

To do this i’m going to search heart + icon.

canva image heart icon

And let’s resize it so it fits over one of the white hearts.

canva image heart icon

There we go – a heart that sticks out above the rest.

canva love printables for the home

Grab a copy of this here!

The opportunities to be creative are literally endless. Share with me some of your designs on social 🙂 Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Want to use Canva to make super cute Valentine's Day printables for your home_ Take a look at my step-by-step tutorial and make your own for free this spring!

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  1. Love it! Canva is so simple to use but I’d never thought of making my own printables for it. It would be really nice to have a frame on my desk that I can change regularly to keep me in a good mood. #KCACOLS

  2. I use Canva a LOT for my blogging but still only use the free version. I think you have sold me on trying out their paid version. I could do so much with this! Thanks for planting a seed.


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