How to Make a DIY Framed Valentine’s Gift Using a Map!

Want to make a cute framed map for Valentine's Day? Pick your special places and frame them. Super simple and super romantic! You'll be super popular this year!

How to Make a DIY Framed Valentine’s Gift Using a Map!

Can you believe it’s only a month Valentine’s Day? I’m not a huge fan to be honest, but any excuse to open a nice bottle of wine and cook something yummy. We literally never go out and we don’t go mad with presents. I usually get the hubby some champagne and Haribo. Original ey.

If you do want to do something a bit different this year to impress your other half then let me share with you probably the easiest DIY, homemade gift EVER!

It’s meaningful.

It’s romantic.

It takes five minutes to make.

And all you need is a map and a frame!

How to Make a DIY Framed Valentine's Gift Using a Map

How to Make Your DIY Framed Map

First up have a think about what you want to frame. For more budget frame ideas, look here.

Some Place Ideas to Map

  • Where you met
  • First date location
  • Where he or she proposed
  • Where you got married
  • Your honeymoon destination
  • A place that is special to you both

I made this one and included maps of where we met, where we got married and where we live. Excuse the frame – it is a mirrored frame so reflecting bits of me and the window!

How to Make a DIY Framed Valentine's Gift Using a Map

If you wanted to pick three locations then a frame like this works well. Just to note, these Amazon links are affiliate links.

3 Aperture Photo Frame
3 Heart Frame

A single heart shaped frame would look nice for a single location:

Wooden Heart Frame

Or something simple like this – I LOVE this style:

Natural Wooden Portrait Photo Frame

Once you know what you want to frame, this determines whether you need a frame with multiple spaces to put maps, or just one.

Get your Map

Next step get a map book. Now this could be an old atlas, an A to Z or an old road map. Really, who uses these anymore other than my Dad?

I used a road map like this:

Collins 2018 Road Map

Find the places you want to include and cut them out. If you want to be contemporary and all I guess you could print out a Google map. I personally think the road maps work really well.

For my framed maps, that is all I did. I framed where we met – Southampton. I framed where we got married, Chard. And I framed where we now live – Weston.

If you want to, you could add little heart stickers to your locations.

Heart Stickers
Or you could type or hand write locations on paper and stick them on to the maps. I tried this but I thought they looked better without. Have a play around.
So there you go, a unique framed gift that you can make in minutes and for pretty much under a tenner. Be sure to pin it for later or share it with your other half as a hint !
For more DIY art work, take a look at using Canva to make printables and Canva for making Valentine’s Art!
How to Make a DIY Framed Valentine's Gift Using a Map


  1. I’ve seen this kind of thing before and I’ve always loved the idea of it. I don’t really “believe” in Valentine’s Day but it would also be lovely as a first anniversary gift with it being paper #KCACOLS

  2. This is such a lovely idea that I’ve not thought about before. I’d probs my go with the location of where my husband proposed, where we got married and where we went honeymoon! #KCACOLS

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