How to Save Some Money This Year in 9 Simple Steps!

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How to Save Some Money This Year!

Urgh January. I’m trying to feel positive and upbeat and it’s mostly been working! I’ve made a few goals, I’ve procrastinated less about resolutions and I finally got my bum to yoga. The one thing that can be tough is getting through to the next pay day. Especially if you were paid before Christmas. Those five weeks can really drag! Fortunately our work decided to leave it until the end of the month and this worked for me.

If you’re New Year’s Resolution is to save money in 2018 then here are a few tips from me that might help.

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Post-Christmas Sales

I know it seems a bit late but there are still so many bargains to be had now. To be honest I’ve never been one of these people who queue outside NEXT on boxing day morning. This just isn’t me.

But with a bit of planning, the sales can be a fab way to stock up on a few things for the year ahead. Think birthdays and next Christmas!

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Plan for Next Christmas

It may seem like the last thing you want to do but grab some wrapping paper bargains and half price Christmas cards. I picked up a lot of wrapping paper for literally 25p this year in Poundland.

Return Stuff

Received stuff you just don’t want or can’t use? Take it back, get a refund and buy something else that you will actually use.


Again, received presents that you know you won’t use? Pop them away to re-gift next Christmas or for birthdays. Just be sure to remember who gave you the gift initially! Otherwise awks!

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Shop at Discount Shops

Get your bum down to Pound Land, World, Stretcher, B&M and Home Bargains. It’s best to look around. Sometimes things in the Pound shops aren’t always that good in terms of value for money. For example, 2 packs of paracetomal for a pound. They are 16p in Morrison’s!

Look Out for Voucher Codes

This is something I need to do more of in 2018 – search for voucher codes especially when shopping online!

Audit your TV Package

If you’re paying for SKY TV without sport then it’s worth looking in to NOW TV. We used to pay well over £40 a month for SKY and we now pay less than a tenner a month for NOW TV, plus the movies.

tv saving money with NOW TV and SKY

Sell Stuff

There are so many places to sell stuff online now that don’t require you to spend an hour packing and shipping goods. Facebook Marketplace has been fab for me and we got rid of a lit of furniture on there last summer.

Don’t Sign up for the Gym

Unless you really will make use of it, get outside, walk, run, or join pay as you go exercise classes. Most sport centres offer these.

What other ways do you plan to save this year? Share with me on social too! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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