7 Tasks to Clean-Up and Declutter Your Blog in 2018!

7 Tasks to Clean-Up and Declutter Your Blog in 2018! tidy up and refresh (1)

How to Get your Blog Ready for 2018!

Argh it’s really nearly the New Year. A New Year, a new start. Have you made any resolutions? I typically don’t because I find I just don’t stick to them. Not because I give up easily but because for me it isn’t just about a one off resolution. It needs to be a permanent lifestyle change. Whether I intend to cook more meals from scratch or get my bum down to the gym, it’s about forming a new habit, not a two week novelty. You can read my New Year thoughts here.

Today on the blog I’m posting a few tips for my fellow blogging friends, or anyone new to blogging who’s looking to make 2018 their year! These tips come from my own 2017 experiences and lessons learned.

wooden desk tips for pinterest and facebook groups to join

Repurpose Content

Take a look at the content that worked well in 2017 on your blog. Not sure how to do this? Google Analytics will tell you.

Now think about other types of content you could create off the back of that content. Perhaps a follow up post or an update to the existing post. Perhaps you could break the post up into three further posts and create a mini series. Think also about repurposing a post on social media, as a video or an eBook.

I’m looking at using Beacon to put some eBooks together in the New Year.

The options are endless!

Content Audit

Now that you know what content did well, think about what you can you do to improve it. Can you add some internal links to other great posts? Can you update your pinnable images? If you haven’t added any then I recommend creating some using Canva and getting them on Pinterest. You can read my tips for getting started with Canva here and you can read my Pinterest beginners tips here!

Clean up Giveaways

Take a look at any posts that included a giveaway which has since expired. The content may still be relevant but the giveaway not. Update your post, create a new pinnable image and promo it.

Pinnable Images

Speaking of pinnable images, go through your top performing posts and make sure you have at least two pinnable images included. Like this!

7 Tasks to Clean-Up and Declutter Your Blog in 2018

And ask people to pin them too. Pinterest has been amazing in terms of helping me generate traffic to the blog. If you’re not sure where to start, take a read of my top ten tips for cracking Pinterest here.

Take a look here at the Facebook groups to join if you want to explode your Pinterest game in 2018.


Take a look at your top posts and clean them up. Remove or tidy up any links to old Linkies and Link parties. When I first started blogging, I used to join around 15 a week. That is a lot of badges at the end of every post. I’ve since tidied them up by simply stating “Linked with XYZ Linky”, and linking that text to the right url.

Also take a look at your widgets and side bars. Do you have old logos and badges that could be cleaned up?

Plugin Audit

Do you have loads of plugins installed but deactivated. Delete them and get rid.

Also have a look at the ones you do use and make sure you’re making the most of any free versions. I know I have a few that overlap in terms of functionality and I need to go through and update them.

Get Ahead of Security

Earlier this year my site was hacked and it was really stressful and horrid. I thought I was covered with Wordfence and a Dropbox backup but apparently not. I’m now also signed up to Sucuri who scan my site and clean up any malware issues. In my opinion the cost was well worth it and they had my site up and running again after 24 hours or problems.

If you’re serious about your site then protect it.

how to secure your wordpress blog using sucuri

Get Ahead of the Game

If you have some downtime between now and back to work, why not get some brainstorming done. I find most of my brainstorming is while waiting at the checkout, at the doctors or for my son to finish school!

I open up a notepad on my phone and just make notes. You never know what inspiration might hit you, and when!

Happy New Blog Year!

What are your blog plans for 2018? Do you have a bit of a blog clean up? What other tips would you share with me? Feel free to drop them in the comments below. And don’t forget to pin it!

7 Tasks to Clean-Up and Declutter Your Blog in 2018! tidy up and refresh




  1. Brilliant ideas here. I could do with looking bck at my posts and seeing what I can repurpose. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you can come back again next time.

  2. Fab ideas lovely! I need to definitely get on to analytics and do some repurposing and second pins for some posts x #kcacols

  3. Great ideas! I am in the middle of adding some extra sharing platform opportunities for viewers and cleaning up challenge posts—just because Blog-vember is over doesn’t mean that the post can’t be used, right? 🙄

    Thanks for even more great ideas that I may not have considered on my own…😀

  4. This is a wonderful post and I’m already working on points 1, 2, and 3!! I especially love being able to look at Google Analytics and figure out how to repurpose content. 🙂

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