Why I Refuse to Feel Miserable This New Year!

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Why I Refuse to Feel Miserable This New Year

It’s that time of the year again when I typically feel low. Maybe it’s the winter vibes and the cold, dark days. I don’t know. I guess with the excitement of Christmas over and the thought of returning to the same routine means me feelings take a nosedive.

For the past two years I’ve been really, really trying to make en effort to feel positive and upbeat. Instead of moping about, I try and treat each day as a new opportunity. Cheesy ey. I feel like a fraud for saying that because most days don’t feel like a new opportunity. Instead they feel like the same old events, shuffled in a slightly different order.

There’s self-inflicted pressure to make New Year resolutions too. I don’t really make any firm ones because I know I won’t stick to them. I need to commit to long term change, not two week fads.new year inspiration motivation diary

This coming year, I refuse to feel sad. Instead I’m going to try really hard to embrace those new opportunities.

Here are a few things that I’ve found really help keep my mind from wandering too far forward, and slipping too far behind.

Reflect on Past Achievements

Ok I know I just said I wouldn’t look back but what I mean is I don’t want to dwell on the past. Instead I plan to look back at the good and the things I achieved. Even if they are seemingly small or mundane. The point of doing this is to show that even the smallest of moments bring joy.

I want you to join me and share your achievements in the comments. I promise to reply to you and we can feel like we achieved something together. Right?

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Focus on Today

I find taking each day as it comes, keeps my mind focused. Some days I need to focus on each hour. It really depends. Connect with the now – that will be my motto.


Even if it is for five minutes. Sometimes stopping what I’m doing, putting my phone down and just observing the world around me helps me readjust my mind set.


Technically no one should be bored. There is so much available to us, so much to do. We only have ourselves to blame if we’re feeling bored. Either crack on and do something, I find a list is good for that, or enjoy the moment. A moment of peace and calm if you’re lucky to get those moments.

This links to my feelings about time. There really isn’t time to be bored. I only have so much time. It will run out and I want to make the most of it.

new year inspiration motivation

Write Lists

I find keeping lists of things to do, things I need and things to remember, all help me keep my mind clear. Making a list helps me spew all my brain thoughts out on to paper. I feel cleansed of stress. Try it. It helps me so much.

I’m not going to ask if you’re making any resolutions for the New Year. Instead I invite you to share any small changes you hope to make. Where do you plan to start?

Don’t forget to start by pinning or bookmarking this page so you can refer to it in a weeks time when your feeling sh*t again!

new year inspiration motivation


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