On the Eleventh Day of Christmas – 10 Ways to Relax for a Stress-Free Christmas

relax this christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas – 10 Ways to Relax for a Stress-Free Christmas

Today on the blog we’re looking at ways parents can relax over Christmas.

There are none. End of blog post.

OK, joking. But I’m kind of not. Unless you have grandparents on tap then no, you don’t often get downtime. You have to make downtime and prioritise downtime!

how to survive christmas me time relaxing candles

So what can we do to try and relax a bit this Christmas? If you’re with your partner then splitting time is the most viable option. We are lucky in that there are two adults, one child. So the child/parent ratio is in my favour. I can count on Mr D to have B if I need some time out and vice-versa.

But what if you don’t have that luxury of 2:1?

Thank Goodness for Netflix

It’s OK to rely on Mr TV sometimes. Don’t feel guilty. I’m sure you’re doing an amazing job. Christmas is a super busy time and I find it’s actually really nice to chill out and pop a film on. B loves snuggling up, I get to relax for a bit. It’s all good.

watching tv this christmas


When I find it’s all getting  a bit much, a walk in the fresh air can do wonders. Even if it’s just around the neighbourhood, a little walk is great for clearing the mind.


Urgh I know everyone says so but they are right aren’t they?! Exercise does make you feel better!

play football and exercise to relax

Listen to a Podcast

I’m a huge podcast fan and you can find some of my favourite ones listed here. Doing the ironing? Pop on a podcast. Cleaning? Yep, listen as you go. I listen to podcasts when I walk and when I drive.

Indulge in Crap TV

Sometimes we just need something easy going. I know I do. What’s your guilty pleasure?

The Babysitting Offer

Do you have friends who have offered to have the kids? Even if it’s just an hour, take them up on their offer to have your child!

Write it Down

Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I write it down. I find it really works for just getting all my thoughts out of my mind and on to paper. I can then prioritise the things that need doing yesterday and stop stressing about the things that can wait.

write it down list making

Online shopping

if you find shopping stresses you out then either go super early or do it online and get it delivered. I definitely need to start doing more online shopping and meal planning in the new year!


Planning what I’ll spend my money on over the coming weeks definitely helps reduce stress levels.

Down With Perfectionism

Who cares if things aren’t perfect. I’ve definitely been trying to stress the small things less this Christmas!

relax this christmas


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