On the Tenth Day of Christmas – 6 Winter Outdoor Activities This Christmas

6 Winter Outdoor Activities This Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas – 6 Winter Outdoor Activities This Christmas

Autumn and winter are funny months. On the one hand I love the cosyness that winter brings but on the other, I crave the warmth that spring and summer (usually!) brings. The problem I have with the winter months is the cold temperatures. If it’s raining or blowing a gale, I’m often very reluctant to venture out the front door.

To help you feel motivated to get out and about this winter, I’ve gathered together a list of ideas.

OK, let’s get started:

Ice Skating

Ice skating seems more and more popular than ever! You’ll be hard pressed to find a town or city in the UK that doesn’t offer ice skating during November and December. I’m really excited about our local ice rink this year as it’s set to be epic! It’s the largest covered ice rink in the country, taking 500 skaters per session! There’s even an ice bar to enjoy too if you don’t fancy the skating. If you’re in Somerset this winter, definitely check out Icescape!

get outside this christmas girl ice skating


Geochaching is such a fun way to get out and about and for exploring different areas, even locally! I’ve mentioned geocaching a lot on my blog and I shared a beginners guide for geocaching with toddlers here. If you’re not sure what it is, think global treasure hunt based on GPS. Or a bit like Pokémon Go but with real treasure!


It’s free and you can do it literally anywhere. Yep, walking. Grab your welly boots or hiking shoes and get out and about. A quick google search of your area and “walks” should bring up some ideas. Head to your local beach, local woods or nature reserve. Go explore the area.

best christmas lights


If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor sports or snow centre near you then take a look at tobogganing. We went earlier this year for a friend’s son’s birthday. It looked lots of fun and I really wanted a go! B wasn’t that keen though!

Christmas Light Spotting

One thing I love doing is having a wander around our estate and checking out all the Christmas lights! It sounds silly but B loves seeing all the festive lights and it’s great for getting some fresh air if you’ve been stuck inside all day. Keep a look out for local estates that go all out at Christmas. We have Trinity Close in Burnham on Sea. The residents decorate their homes and donate the money from visitors to charity.

christmas market ideas in UK

Christmas Market Mooches

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, having a little mooch around the Christmas markets is always fun. I love soaking up the atmosphere and i’s the perfect way to get into the festive spirit!

6 Winter Outdoor Activities This Christmas


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