On the Ninth Day of Christmas – The Me and B Santa List!

our list to santa for happiness and health in the new year

On the Ninth Day of Christmas – The Me and B Santa List!

Hello and thank you for hopping over from The Butterfly Mother and welcome to the 9th day of #12DaysOfParenting. Today’s sponsor is Science4You who are offering a Science of Slime Kit! The theme today is “My Family’s List to Santa this Year”. My keyword to enter today’s giveaway is in this post below, good luck! Full details of the #12DaysOfParenting terms and conditions can be found on the #12DaysOfParenting page and all entries are to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

All I Want for Christmas…

The theme today is “Our Family List to Santa. To be honest all I want and all I care for is a happy, healthy family. Physically healthy and mentally healthy. I don’t need gifts, I don’t need material “stuff”. This time last year I wrote the me and b 2017 bucket list. It didn’t really pan out as I expected and hoped. But saying that, overall, we are happy and we are healthy.

christmas list non toys for kids ideas


The hubby snapped his achilles in April and it kind of put a stopper on summer plans. We had to cancel our holiday and it was a tough few months. Yes it was tough but in the grand scheme of things to go wrong it wasn’t awful. We got through it, we healed, we are ok. I wrote a post on the pros of snapping his Achilles!

All I care for in the coming year is continued happiness and health. I find I only really worry about health when confronted with issues. Our combined family have had plenty of healthy issues in 2017 and our friends have had their fair share too.

I know a lot of it is down to personal life choices and decisions we make. I don’t have to have that extra glass of wine and we could forgo that McDonalds at the weekend!

christmas eve party cheers happy and healthy new year

The only thing I really want in 2018 is happy friends and family. I want my son to feel happy, to feel secure, to enjoy school. That is all. No amount of money can buy that. We all have limited time, it is the one thing that we can’t get back. I want to take a deep breathe more, let things go, not stress the small things.

Be happy be healthy

And if I had to have a material list? To be honest I’m not overly fussed by material things. Yes I have things that are special and I like but I’ve never been brand obsessed or needed to have a label/designer bag/shoes etc. I just don’t care. I love books, I love candles and maybe a nice bottle of gin 😉

gin and tonic

Today’s Codeword is: SANTA, if you would like to read another post and gain another entry, then head over to Mummies Waiting for their take on My Family’s List to Santa this year.

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our list to santa for happiness and health in the new year


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