3 Super Easy No-Bake Christmas Oreo Cookie Recipes

3 Super Easy No-Bake Christmas Oreo Cookie Recipes

3 Super Easy No-Bake Christmas Oreo Cookie Recipes

Today on the blog we’re having some fun. It isn’t long until the big day and I don’t know about you but time is super limited! I need to wrap, I need to sort and I need to wrap more! And I need to keep the little one occupied now that we have finished school! So what better way than to make cookies.

And for all of these cookies, all you need to start is a pack of Oreos.

Each cookie recipe is no-bake and minimal faff. Yep, that’s the me and b motto – no-faff.

Christmas Pudding Oreos

First up we have Christmas Pudding Oreos. These are super super easy and are really fun to make with little ones. In fact I go in to the nursery that B used to attend and make them with the pre-schoolers.

Take a look here for the full recipe and more pictures. Basically you dip Oreo cookies into melted white chocolate and add holly and berries. You can write these on using icing pens or make them out of pre-made green and red icing.

no bake oreo christmas pudding cookies

Basically make life easy for yourself! You have enough Christmas stuff on your plate!

Reindeer Oreos

Next up is a simple Oreo Reindeer Recipe. I’d say these are a bit faffy only because the antlers kept dropping off! Dip the whole Oreo into melted milk or dark chocolate. Add pretzels for antlers, pre-made icing eyes (care of Mr Morrison) and a red M&M. And done.

oreo reindeer cookie thumbnail

Snowmen Oreos

And Finally, Snowmen Oreo Cookies. Again, these are easy to make using Oreo cookies, white chocolate and a few edible accessories.

how to make snowmen no bake oreo cookies for christmas recipe included

Don’t forget to pin this one for Christmas!

easy recipe ideas for oreo cookies for christmas


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