On the Fourth Day of Christmas – Take the Stress out of Christmas Dinner!

no stress christmas dinner ideas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas – Christmas Dinner De-Stressed!

Today on the blog we’re exploring ways to helps us keep cool in the kitchen. I don’t know about you but there is so much bloody pressure to have the perfect this and the perfect that. And pressure and stress lead to unhappiness. And it just isn’t needed at Christmas. I say if you can cut a few corners and make life easier then why not!? A bit like these Elf on the Shelf Hacks!

How do keep cool when the heat is on?

no stress christmas dinner ideas gas hob

Keep it Simple Silly

Yep, KISS. Stick to a dish you know how to make and keep things simple. You don’t need to impress your guests with soufflés when you’ve literally never cooked a bloody soufflé before!

Forget the Ads

Forget about all those bloody Christmas ads and the expectations to cook every bloody vegetable under the sun. Go with what your family and friends like and have what YOU want. Not what Aldi, M&S and Jamie Oliver tell us we should want.

no stress christmas dinner ideas table

Pre-Prepared Veg

Save time by buying veg that’s already prepared. Yes it does cost a bit more but if it means saving you some precious time to do something else in the kitchen then why not. Also don’t forget frozen veg too. It can be really handy to just pop on if you’re short on time.

no stress christmas dinner ideas veg

You Don’t Have to Have a Turkey!

Honestly, you don’t! Who says so? Tradition? Well stuff tradition. If you don’t like it or can’t be bothered with the faff then try something a bit different for a change. Think outside the turkey box – cold buffet, seafood platter, beef. Whatever you want really.

no stress christmas dinner ideas turkey


If you really have to make some super duper complicated dish on the day then why not practice beforehand. At least then if it all goes tits-up you can change your plans!

no stress christmas dinner ideas


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