On the Second Day of Christmas – The Perfect Family Gift Guide

Looking for gift ideas for the whole family_! Here we share ideas for mums, dads, grandparents, kids and even the cat and dog! Take a read here! (2)

The Perfect Family Gift Guide!

Who doesn’t love a gift guide ey. And today on the blog we’re covering the whole family. Gifts for grans, presents for parents – we’ll cover it all. Personally, my favourite type of gifts are the ones that people have thought about. And by this I don’t mean slaved hours over making something but just put a bit of thought into. Today I’m going to share with you a few really simple ideas that will impress this year. So let’s get started!


I’ll start with mum because, well I’m a mum and I often come last. So today I’m putting myself first. To be honest I’m happy with any present that is consumable. By that I mean not more tatt that will clutter the house. Candles, shower gels and wine. My favourite scented candles will set you back no more than three quid and are from Home Bargains. They smell divine and I really do think they rival the pricey ones. The whole house smells lovely when I light one of their candles.

For more ideas for mums, take a look at our gin gift guide and Prosecco gift guide!

how to survive christmas me time relaxing candles


I find dads are often tricky to buy for. The same goes for husbands. I either stick to alcohol, whiskey or beer sets or Molton Brown for the hubby. If you want something a bit different then I recommend doing a DIY gift for the dads. And they really don’t need to take too long if you have a half decent printer at home.

Open up MS WORD and type out all the things Dad Loves or the reasons why Daddy is Super Special or your Hero. Add in some different fonts, change the colours up and boom, done. Pop it in a frame and you have a lovely gift for the home or office. For a tutorial and ideas, take a look here.

christmas gift ideas for dads homemade


Depending on age, I find kids easy to buy for. There are so many bits and bobs you can buy to fill stockings and add to the pile under the tree. Take a nose here for our 24 affordable stocking fillers for kids aged 4-7.

If you want something a bit different this year then non-toy gifts are the way to go. I love receiving vouchers for a day out. Collecting memories and photos rather than more toy junk is much more appealing! Here are our 150 non-toy gift ideas!


I always find babies easy to buy for too. Let’s be honest, you probably don’t need more toys. So books and clothes are always welcome in our home. Yes it may seem a bit boring but trust me, as a mum of a four year old, clothes are always welcome!

If you want to do something a bit special for a baby’s first Christmas, why not make your own special gift using MS WORD or Canva. Canva has literally been my go-to for all things image related. I framed a lot of images for our new bathroom earlier this year and they looked fab.

Here are some really simple Baby’s First Christmas ideas:

christmas homemade gift ideas for babys and kids

They are so easy to make and Canva have loads of free images and illustrations you can use and personalise.

christmas homemade gift ideas for babys and kids


Grandparents can be tricky sometimes. The tin of biscuits and 3 pack of mini jams has been done to death. I like personalised presents for grandparents. I find my nana loves a new family photo too. She loves consumable items too – whiskey and dark chocolate.

If you’re really stuck for a gift for a grandparent then why not consider a magazine subscription. You can typically get them for 6 or 12 months and you can pick from so many different interests and hobbies. It’s the gift that keeps giving through the year


I did say the whole family so let’s include pets as well. We have cats. Mum and dad have cats and a dog. I typically pick up some bits in the supermarket or pound stores!

Looking for gift ideas for the whole family_! Here we share ideas for mums, dads, grandparents, kids and even the cat and dog! Take a read here!


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