On the First Day of Parenting – How to Survive the Christmas Season!

On the First Day of Parenting – How to Survive the Christmas Season! 8 Handy Tips for You!

On the First Day of Parenting – How to Survive the Christmas Season! 8 Handy Tips for You!

Today on the blog I’m going to share with you the things that help me get through the festive period when it all gets a bit too much. And no, it isn’t wine, wine and more wine! Although it should be when it comes to more elf on the shelf stuff! For ideas, take a look here and here. they are zero effort, lazy mum, no-faff ideas!

Christmas is a stressful time and I think we all put way too much pressure on ourselves to be happy and to create this perfect Christmas. In reality, things don’t go to plan and we end up feeling fizzled out and peed off.

So here are a few things that help me when I’ve had it!

Quiet Time

I know it isn’t always possible to get a quiet moment when you have little ones nipping at your feet all day but if you can, get some time to wind down. Switch off your phone, turn off the TV and just relax. I absolutely love doing this on an evening, in front of the Christmas tree with some lit candles.

how to survive christmas me time relaxing candles

Mum Time

This kind of goes hand in hand with quiet time but be sure to make time for you.

Fresh Air Fix

It’s amazing what a quick walk around the block can do for the mind. And I love walking around the estate once all the decorations are up. It’s always so pretty. I always find walking helps clear my mind and chill me out.

how to survive christmas fresh air and winter walks


OK so things haven’t gone to plan but remember “A bad day isn’t a bad life.” My friend shared this quote with me when I was feeling particularly down earlier in the year and it really stuck with me. It’s so true as well. I put a lot of pressure on myself at Christmas to have this perfect tree. I always end up getting stressed and het up about it. It’s ridiculous!

Under Pressure

As with the point above, I need to stop putting the pressure on. It’s ok to let some things go. I’m really trying not to stress the small things this year. Who gives a monkeys if the tree doesn’t look like a bloody show home tree?!

christmas stocking fillers for kids

Agree Budgets in Advance

I find this really helps because it manages everyone’s expectations. Set a budget for kids. Agree kids only. Whatever helps take the monetary pressure of Christmas. It’s often about the gifts but it shouldn’t be.

Shop and Plan Early

Start your Christmas shopping early and get planning. Have an idea of who you need to buy for. Start brainstorming ideas sooner than later. I always pop a few things in the trolley around the supermarkets too. It all adds up.

how to survive christmas gifts and presents

Banish Mum Guilt

This is the number one thing that has to go. So you didn’t spend every day of the Christmas holidays making pinterest-worthy tree decorations? Who bloody cares. Stop feeling guilty. You’re doing enough. Enjoy.

On the First Day of Parenting – How to Survive the Christmas Season! 8 Handy Tips for You!

Disclaimer: This post is part of the 12 Days of Parenting Christmas Series. Our sponsor today is More2Explore.


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