20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids!

20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids!

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20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids!

AS if we don’t have enough things to think about as busy mums ey! Book advent calendars, that bloody elf, and now Christmas Eve boxes! Today on the blog I’m sharing a few ideas of things to include for little ones. You don’t have to spend a fortune either!

20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids and toddlers

Get a Box!

First up, you’ll need a box. Depending on how much stuff you want to put in really depends how big your box is. For quick, DIY box ideas, keep some of your Amazon deliveries and wrap the box in Christmas paper.

Although these ones on Amazon are less than a tenner and can be personalised!

Pop Stuff in your Box!

Now the hardest bit (not) is finding more stuff to buy to fill your box with. Tip – start early. Don’t leave it until Christmas Eve or you’re just asking for trouble! Here are some ideas for what to put in your box. And remember, it doesn’t have to cost lots.

Yummy Treats!

A mince pie ready for Father Christmas.

A carrot for the reindeer.

Reindeer food or dust. Just make sure you use edible glitter or coloured sugar!

Maybe a miniature whiskey/brandy/gin (whatever your Christmas tipple is) to leave out for Father Christmas!

A Satsuma.

christmas eve box ideas and fillers for children satsuma

A hot chocolate sachet and marshmallows.

A bag of popcorn. Pick up the red and white striped popcorn holders in the pound shops too to make it extra special.

Chocolate coins.

Obligatory candy cane.

Something to Do!

A Christmas movie.

A story to read before bed – the more Christmas themed the better. The Works have 3 books for £5 on all the time and have loads of lovely Christmas books. Although we love The Dinosaur who Popped Christmas! So much fun! Pick up a copy here.

christmas eve box ideas and fillers for children

A Christmas themed activity or colouring book.

Something Snuggly

New bedding.

A sparkly, new tooth brush.


Christmas Pyjamas or a Onesie.


Magic Santa key. B knows we don’t have a chimney. Luckily we have a Santa key to pop out. You can pick them up on Amazon for a few quid here.

christmas eve box ideas and fillers for children

To be honest, you could make your own key. Find an old key, a gift tag and some ribbon. Viola!

A letter from Santa. One last reminder to get a good sleep in!

A cuddly toy.

A tray or plate to pop your food and drink on for Santa, the Elves and the reindeer!

A festive mug.

Pin It!

Well there you go. Twenty easy ideas for filling that box. Share with me more ideas in the comments and don’t forget to pin if you do leave this to the last minute!

20 Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids!



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