8 Tips on Where to Find Bargain Books for an Advent Calendar!

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Tips on Where to Find Bargain Books for a book a day Advent Calendar

How to Find Books for a Book Advent Calendar on a Budget!

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Today on the blog I’m sharing some tips on how to make a book advent calendar on a budget.

Last year I shared how to make a book advent calendar in this post here. It isn’t really a calendar as such but more like 24 books, wrapped up. The idea is to unwrap one book each bedtime, during December. And perhaps get your Elf on the Shelf involved too! Tips for easy elf on the shelf ideas start here.

Tips on Where to Find Bargain Books for a book a day Advent Calendar

So where can you find cheap books to include?

Start Early

My top tip for making a book advent calendar is to start as soon as you decide you want to make one! Last year, I started collecting books through the summer. Which leads me to the next point…


Car Boot Sales

I cannot stress the value of getting down to your local boot sale. Especially during the summer months. You can check out some of our bargains here! Christmas books are not top priority during spring and summer and you’ll find hundreds that people want to get rid of. And the best thing, most will be going for 50p or less.

I know right!?!

So tip two, get down to your local boot sale and start hunting out Christmas books as early as you can.

christmas book advent calendar books

Charity Shops

Next up is charity shops. You can find some bargains but I always find the children’s book section limited. So the chances of finding Christmas books for kids is fairly slim. But still worth a try. Expect to pay anything from 50p to a £1 per book.

The Library

I’m not suggesting steal books but hear me out. If budgets really are tight then why not borrow some Christmas books for your calendar? Just be sure to return or renew them on time!

christmas book advent calendar books

The Works

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know I love the high street chain “The Works”. They have some wonderful books and at really great prices. We got lots last year from The Works. Quite often a lot of the kid’s Christmas books are included in the 3 for £5 offer.

We picked up this book about stinky brussel sprouts and it’s super cute. It has a really nice moral to the story too.stinky sprouts christmas book from the works for advent calendar

Swap Books!

See if some of your friends want to do a book swap. If you’re worried about losing books then just make a note of who borrowed what! Perhaps make a bit of a book swap party of it. Any excuse for a glass of prosecco with mum friends!

Use Existing Books

What child doesn’t like unwrapping something?



So pick a few books you already have that have a winter or Christmas theme. For example The Gruffalo’s Child is very wintery. I tend to mix a few old ones with new ones.

christmas book advent calendar books all wrapped up

eBay and Online Market Places

Keep an eye out for Christmas book bundles online. I find the Facebook Marketplace sometimes has nice books and toys on offer.

And there you go, eight tips to get you started on your book hunting journey.

Marks and Spencers - US

Once you’ve done a book calendar one year, you then have the books for years to come. This year I’ve pretty much added in a few new ones and that’s it. Be sure to pop all the Christmas ones away in January and then they’re exciting again come December!

Tips on Where to Find Bargain Books for a book a day Advent Calendar


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