150 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids This Christmas!

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150 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids This Christmas!

I don’t know about you but I’m done with toys. This photograph from Christmas 2014 says it all really.

too many christmas toys

So I’m trying to come up with as many non-toy ideas as possible. I’ve categorised them into days outs, things to do, learning, books, clothes, bedroom. You name it, if it’s non-toy, I’ve included it. Here we go!

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Looking for non toy gift ideas this Christmas for Kids? We have 150 great ideas for children, young, old, boy or girl. Creative, alternative non toy ideas!

Day’s Out and Experiences

I like “doing” gifts because they mean we can spend time together as a family. If you’re sick of toys, consider spending the money on a day out. I much prefer making memories. Some day out ideas include:

1. Local farm parks
2. A restaurant or meal out voucher
3. Local Zoos
4. Museums – many are free!
5. Butterfly Houses
6. Aquariums
7. Birds of Prey centres
8. Theme Parks – Diggerland, Lego Land, Drayton Manor
9. Tickets to the cinema

cinema tickets popcorn christmas gift ideas no toys
10. Bowling
11. Swimming/Splash park or water park
12. A show at the theatre
13. A local sporting event
14. The circus
15. Ice skating – a lot of rinks are open end of Dec and in to January
16. Roller Skating
17. Crazy golf – You can find some indoors too
18. Soft play
19. A concert or gig
20. Snow Dome tickets
21. AirHop trampoline park tickets
22. Go tobagging at your local ski centre
23. Horse riding session
24. Cupcake making classes
25. A train ride somewhere
26. Rock climbing/Indoor climbing session
27. Karate or martial arts session
28. Try your hand at golf
29. Learn to play a musical instrument
30. Art classes

The big sheep devon amusement park carousel ride

Weekend Trips

31. An overnight stay in a hotel
32. A city break
33. Book a weekend trip to stay in a yurt or go glamping

Alternative Non Toy Gifts

34. Books – One of our faves is the Oi Frog range. Pick up Oi Cat, Oi Dog and many others for a fun bedtime story. And many are under a fiver.
35. Board games and puzzles. We love Melissa and Doug puzzles and games. Sign up for Melissa & Doug newsletters and receive 15% off your next order.
36. A magazine subscription
37. Subscription boxes like Graze!

Melissa and Doug

Tech Stuff

38. Dvds – they may seem old hat but they are useful for car dvd players
39. iPad apps
40. iTunes gift cards
41. A watch – this smart watch even has a camera!
42. Headphones
43. A book light/lamp
44. A head torch – my son would love this head torch!

Vtech toys New in Babysecurity

christmas list non toys for kids ideas
150 great ideas for children, young, old, boy or girl. Creative, alternative non toy ideas!

Kitchen Stuff

45. Egg cup sets – there are so many too! Unicorns, Star Wars
46. Knife, fork and spoon sets
47. Own apron – there are so many cute things to buy kids who love baking.
48. Own oven gloves
49. Own rolling pin
50. Own bowl
51. Cupcake cases
52. Cupcake kits
53. Whisks
54. Wooden spoons
55. Measuring cups
56. Chopping board
57. Fun cookbooks
58. A chefs hat

christmas gift ideas for kids non toy baking set


59. A hair brush or comb
60. Toothbrush and toothpaste set. I picked up a cute Batman set in Home Bargains for literally a couple of quid.
61. Nail varnish and kid’s makeup – lots of fun and still feels like a toy.
62. Jewellery
63. Jewellery box
64. Lip balm – how many times does B steal mine?!


65. Socks
66. Underwear. You can never have too many pairs of pants! Especially when you’re potty training
67. Slippers
68. Pyjamas


69. A new dressing gown
70. Slipper socks
71. A winter hat
72. Mittens or gloves
73. A Scarf
74. Dressing up sets. If you’re feeling brave, make your own wings/capes etc.
75. Festive clothes – think cute jumpers, t-shirts and shirts
76. New wellies (I love how auto correct tries to pop in willies!)

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Creative Things for the Bedroom

77. New furniture – cabin beds, new desk or a new chair!
78. Bean bags – such a fab range of children’s bean bags here.
79. Create a dedicated book corner with new shelves
80. A new rug or play mat – I love the city and town style rugs.
81. New bedding – we have far too many children’s bedding sets.
82. Lampshades

83. Curtains
84. Bedroom décor or promise of a makeover
85. New posters and pictures
86. A cool night light
87. A lava lamp
88. Framed photos
89. An indoor plant to care for such as a cactus

For the Garden

90. New Bike or balance bike
91. Scooter
92. Basketball hoop
93. Trampoline
94. Swing set or garden furniture
95. Football net
96. Sand pit
97. Water tray
98. Own garden tools
99. Seeds or bulbs to grow
100. A mud kitchen – make one!
101. Fishing rod
102. Bug hunt kits
103. A plant to take care of and nurture

christmas gift ideas fabric kids

Stocking Fillers

104. Soap
105. Bubble Bath
106. New sponge or flannel
107. Bath crayons -these bath crayons are ideal at under £4.
108. Bath mousse
109. Colourful band aids/plasters
110. Tattoos – so much fun for literally a quid or two!
111. Snacks
112. Dried Fruit
113. Piggy Bank
114. Craft supplies
115. Balloons

christmas stocking fillers for kids

Learning and STEM Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

116. Telescope
117. Magnifying glass
118. Magnet sets
119. Science Kit
120. Magic Kit
121. Chalkboard
122. Binoculars
123. A globe
124. Wall map
125. A calendar. I know it sounds silly but B loves to know what’s going on each day.

And this is how much fun we have with science stuff!

Sleep Over Essentials

B has often had sleep overs at Grandma’s house. He loves staying over!

126. Own travel wash bag
127. Own travel miniatures
128. Own suitcase. We got B a SpiderMan hand luggage bag and he loves it!
129. Backpack
130. Purse or wallet
131. A Sleeping bag
132. A Cushion
133. Blanket/fleece. I’m loving the marvel one in Tesco!
134. A new towel or fun bath/beach towel
135. A torch

Musical instruments

136. Large instruments such as drums and keyboards (yeah right)
137. Small instruments like maracas, a recorder or bells (again, nope)

christmas gift ideas non kids present

Craft Stuff

138. Paper airplanes or origami kit. The Works is really good for this type of stuff.
139. Colouring books and supplies. B also likes the adult colouring books too.
140. Stickers
141. Buttons

Other Ideas

142. A pet – if you’re feeling brave
143. Pet supplies
144. A Frisbee
145. A Boomerang
146. A YoYo
147. Goggles
148. A new Onesie
149. A Skateboard
150. Personalised bedroom door sign

Phew! And there we go, 150 non-toy gift ideas for kids! Blimey, that’s a lot of stuff. What ideas do you have? Share with me more in the comments or on social: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Looking for non toy gift ideas this Christmas for Kids? We have 150 great ideas for children, young, old, boy or girl. Creative, alternative non toy ideas


  1. Wow – I am impressed that you got to 150 – well done you!!

    Love the ideas that aren’t plastic toys that break immediately!!

    We were given a wooden drum and instrument set for L’s 1st Christmas – said drum spent time at Nanny & Grandads while they had him 1 day a week and the instrument set spends alot of time on top[ of the very tall cupboard!!! He does love them but I can only love them in small doses!!!

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