Putting the De’Longhi ECAM44.66B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine to the Test!

bean to cup delonghi machine

Putting the De’Longhi ECAM44.66B Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine to the test!

As parents, who doesn’t need a caffeine fix in the morning?! Mr d loves his coffee and previously used the Tassimo range to serve up a daily dose. When asked to review the De’Longhi ECAM44.66B Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine we were super excited! If you’re considering a coffee machine then be sure to look out for offers on AO on Black Friday!

Today on me and b we’re putting this coffee machine to the test. You can watch our short video review here too:

The De’Longhi Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is a high end model in the De’Longhi range of coffee machines.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday

It is a convenient, simple to use machine, that is self-rinsing and programmable. You can literally tune the machine to your preferred tastes and coffee types!

So Many Options!

On first opening and reading through the instructions it all seems quite daunting! But after taking some time to read through things, it’s actually pretty simply. This is a neat and user friendly machine, waiting to do all the coffee-making hard work for you.

delonghi coffee machine manual

After setting the language and a few automatic rinses you are pretty much ready to go. The hardest part was deciding what coffee to make first! The manual recommends making 3 to 4 cups first to ensure satisfactory results.

Digital Menu System

The digital menu system on the control panel is simple and clear in helping you serve up the best coffee. This really is a machine that caters to all types of coffee lovers. From espresso’s when you’re on the go, to longer drinks, and a range of milky coffees. The Americano is the hubby’s favourite! Specifically, this machine has automatic programmes for Cafe Lattes, Macchiatos, Flat whites and of course, the Cappuccino.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday menu guide

Let’s Make Coffee!

The control buttons are clear and straight forward. You can adjust the length (short, standard, long and extra-long) and strength of the coffee (extra mild, mild, standard, strong and extra strong). The machine will remember these settings too.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday menu system

A ‘hot water’ button enables hot water to pour from a spout and a ‘Long Coffee’ button will simply pour a longer coffee as opposed to shot-sized amounts. The user can then select one espresso or two espresso shots. All of these options provide quite an array of coffee making options.

The Water Tank

The water tank slots neatly off from the side, to be filled to a “fill” line. I would say the water tank is sufficient for several cups of coffee before it needs refilling. That includes the water used in the auto-rinse feature to clear the machines key components  when you turn the machine on and off.

Not too Loud

When using, we didn’t find the machine too loud whilst grinding the beans and delivering the espresso shots to the cup. I know some coffee machines can be very loud. Once finished, the machine will dispense the used ground coffee beans into a “grounds container” automatically. This can be emptied every so often by pulling out the drip tray and lifting the container out.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday coffee grounds

Bring on the Milk!

Now if you thought there were lots of coffee options, just wait until we tell you about the milk options! There is a separate milk menu and a one-touch cappuccino making button. Obviously the milk-based coffees require you to attach the milk container.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday milk
Milk attached!

This container is a useful shape and size so it fits nicely in the fridge, to be used as and when. You don’t need to fill it each day and then clean.

There are options for low, medium or full froth on the milk spout (again adding to the options to really tailor your ideal cup).

delonghi coffee machine froth

With the milk container attached, the machine will prompt you to clean the spout (both before and after use) and then you simply select you milk based drink of choice – in one press of a button!

Programming the Perfect Cup

One feature which we love is the ability to programme the perfect cup of coffee. The quantities of coffee and milk across the different built in drink options are all programmable. So if that Cappuccino drink is just not quite long enough or the ‘coffee to milk’ ratio is not quite how you prefer, you can program the exact amounts. Having such a feature on top of the existing options adds a great way to further refine your cup. You really can make your perfect cup of coffee.

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday cup of coffee

Beans Glorious Beans

Being a bean to cup machine, unlike a ‘pod’ based coffee machine, there are endless types of coffee beans to explore – be it from the supermarket or specialist outlets. A machine like this allows you to be interested and get excited as to where your coffee beans come from, and the varying roasts and tastes they offer. Ultimately, there is a world of coffee tastes to explore and discover outside of the well-known high street chain! This machine makes working up different coffee styles and exploring different styles of drink very easy, accessible and fun. Once you’ve programmed your perfect cup, you’ll be one button press away each morning!

Delongi Bean Cup Espresso Cappuccin -Machine for black friday beans

Having never previously owned a bean to cup machine, we’ve been so impressed at the quality of the coffee. It delivers the WOW factor on a number of levels. From the simplicity, balanced along with enough customisation options, this makes for an amazing coffee experience to be had in your own home.

delonghi eletta machine

Disclaimer: We were provided this coffee machine from AO for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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