Roaring Fun at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

coombe martin dinosaur wildlife park review

Roaring Fun Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

Hey there (mum!). How’s your week going? I think I’m suffering with back-to-work-itis. Last week was truly relaxing and so nice to be away from the laptop. Back to reality now though.

Our final trip out last week was to the beautiful Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in North Devon. It combines a wildlife and dinosaur park, spread over 28 acres, and includes lots of indoor and outdoor attractions for the whole family. We had lots of fun, with our highlights being the sea lion show, wallaby stroking and getting up close to the meerkats.

Animated Dinosaurs

I don’t know about you but my boy absolutely loves dinosaurs. When I told him we were going to a dinosaur park he fired a load of questions at me. Are they real dinosaurs mum? Can they move? Will they eat me?

coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park animated dinosaur in forest

As you walk through the valley, be sure to look out for dinosaurs hiding in the bushes. We were also keeping track of pumpkins through the park! If you found them all, you won a small bag of sweets.

coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park animated dinosaur in forest

The valley is completely green and luscious, reminding me of the Jursassic Park theme park in the most recent movie.

coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park animated dinosaur in forest

We were also super lucky to have wonderful weather and this made the gardens burst with colour.

coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park animated dinosaur in forest tricerotops

On the hour be sure to watch the T-Rex show in the main area by the deli. Get up close to see these creatures in action…!

t rex show at coombe martin dinosaur park

More Animals, Less Cages

The park is home to lots of different animals, and many of them have been rescued or rehomed at the park. You can read some of their stories here. It’s sad, yet not surprising, to here that so many are unwanted pets.

It was great to see such huge, open areas for the animals to be homed in though.

feeding wallabies

One of the highlights for me was walking through the wallaby enclosure and getting a chance to feed and stroke them. They were just so cute and gentle. B commented that he now wants a pet wallaby. Don’t worry, we will stick to cats!

Next to the wallabies live the goats, lemurs, penguins and this beautiful pink stork. He was huge!

pink stork at coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park

And of course Mr D can’t resist a goat.

goat feeding at coombe wildlife park

Combe Martin is home to loads of animals so be sure to take your time and join in with some of the talks which take place daily.

There is also a tropical house which is worth a wander to see the terrapins. I love this shot of Daddy pointing out where the terrapins are hiding. They are well disguised amongst the rocks.

coombe martin wildlife dinosaur park botanical garden and terrapins

Bug world and the reptile house are also interesting if you want to get close to spiders and snakes.

Monkeying Around

I don’t mean B, although his listening ears seem to have vanished for good…

At Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur park, you’ll find several different species of primates. We loved watching a mum and her baby nibbling on the lettuce. I did take some photos but they aren’t that great. It’s tricky to get good animal shots!

The baboons caught b’s eye too. For all the wrong reasons I must add. He wanted to know why their bottoms were so red.

The Wolves

Combe Martin is home to grey and white wolves. They are beautiful animals and I managed to get a shot of them sleeping.

coombe martin wildlife park wolves grey and white

Get Close to the Meerkats 

The meerkats have such a large enclosure and twice daily, you can join them inside while they’re being fed. We were warned not to bend down and attempt to stroke them as their bites are pretty nasty. No one tried! Apparently they can eat scorpions and the venom doesn’t harm them as it would us. They also feast on unlucky squirrels if they get the chance too!

coombe martin wildlife park meerkats being fed

Sea Lion Show

The sea lion show was another highlight of the day for me. Morgan was amazing and so good at explaining the difference between sealions and seals to the crowd. My photos don’t do him justice really.

coombe martin wildlife park sealion show

It was great to hear that the show is based around the natural behaviour of sea lions. They are trained to accept any necessary medical checks that might be required.  This behaviour is then used as part of the show.

coombe martin wildlife park sealion morgan

Tomb of the Pharaohs

These tombs were decorated for Halloween and were home to lots of ghosts and ghouls. Be sure to clap as you wander through as this brings them to life. B enjoyed this and we wandered through twice.

As you wander through, have a look at the hieroglyphics and paintings. The park owners spent months recreating these so that they resembled the real thing!

coombe martin wildlife park tombs

The Dinosaur Museum

Even though it’s small, there are loads of impressive exhibits  including a complete Allosaurus skeleton and a fossilised nest of eggs.

coombe martin dinosaur museumLook at these eggs!

coombe martin dinosaur museum

All Aboard for the Dino Express

For a small extra cost £1 per person, ride the small train up to the waterfall. You’re in for a treat…that’s all I’m saying! Be prepared to get a bit wet.coombe martin dinosaur wildlife park waterfall dino train ride

A Bite to Eat

There are plenty of places to grab some food if you haven’t packed a picnic. We ate at the main restaurant and there was plenty of choice. We had the jacket potatoes, baguettes and kids lunch box. The dinosaur sandwiches were cute and actually ensured B ate them all!

Have you been to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park? We had a fab day and it is def worth a visit if you’re in the area!

coombe martin dinosaur wildlife park review

Disclaimer: We had complimentary tickets to the park. As always, thoughts are our own and honest. We genuinely had a lovely day!

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