Magic and Mystery at Watermouth Castle in Devon


Family Fun at Watermouth Castle!

Hey there, how are you doing? We’ve had such a lovely half term and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you on the blog this week. We’ve been really lucky to have taken part in the Devon Blogger Squad, visiting a number of different attractions in North Devon.

Today on the blog we review Watermouth Castle and Theme Park. And we had an absolutely awesome day! It was so much fun and luckily the weather was good too. Although it doesn’t look like it was in this photo!

Watermouth castle theme park devon review

A Bit About Watermouth Castle

Watermouth Castle really was a castle once. It was built in 1825 but was pretty much left to ruin after that. It was taken over by a family in 1977 and turned into a theme park. The grounds are beautiful and the castle is full of trinkets and displays which are fun to look at.

Watermouth castle theme park devon review robot band

Exploring the Castle

When you enter, you first go through a  maze of different rooms, all with different themes, and depicting life in the olden days. I love the vintage posters and had to take a snap of the Bristol one.

Watermouth castle theme park devon review bristol vintage poster

The whole place is a mish mash of optical illusions and curiosities!

Watermouth castle theme park devon review games in castle

It’s super quirky and you never quite know what you might encounter next. I really like it because it isn’t just the same old in terms of theme park.

Watermouth castle theme park devon review halloween decorations in castle

Dark Dungeons

After the maze of rooms you come to a sign that says you can either carry on through the dungeons or exit out to the gardens. We went through the dungeons and b and his cousin, I , whinged the whole way through that it was scary. It really wasn’t! It was little underground shops – think candle stick maker, wood cutter, taxidermist. I was expecting some kind of Halloween spookiness but it was fine. The kids were still scared though.

watermouth castle devon dungeons

As you end the castle dungeons, you exit through a number of rooms that house loads of old arcades and pier machines. It’s worth getting some change as the games are fun and for a 2p here and there you don’t mind splashing out! There are change machines throughout.

watermouth castle devon dungeons

When you exit the castle you have some toilets on your left and the gift shop and a café on your right. There is also the entrance to the light and water fountain show. This starts every half hour on the hour. It was really pretty and worth a watch.

watermouth castle devon light show fountains

Theme Park Fun

To get the actual theme park, you walk for around 5-10 minutes along the top of the castle gardens. Grandma is still comforting I after the “trauma” of the dungeons!

watermouth castle devon theme park walk

The walk is shady and there are things to keep little ones entertained along the way. Look out for barrels and windows into the walls. Press the buttons next to these exhibits to see them light up and play music.

watermouth castle devon pumpkins in woods

Gnome Land

Our first stop in the theme park was Gnome Land.

watermouth castle devon gnome land sign

It’s full of little houses that come to life when you press the buttons. B and I loved exploring this area and watching each house light up.

watermouth castle devon

Another highlight was the gold panning. We found a few pieces and the kids were happy!

watermouth castle devon gold panning

Softball Cannons

At the top of Gnome land you have the indoor softball canons. These are hilarious and lots of fun. We spent a while in here, shooting each other. The highlight was when grandma stood up and threw a ball. But instead of it flying off towards b, it hit a random man in the face. Oops!

watermouth castle devon softball cannons

I just love these shots of B in action! He was having the time of his life!

watermouth castle devon softball cannons

Tilting House

Another attraction that B and I enjoyed and kept returning to was the tilting house. It’s really odd! When you go in, it kind of makes you feel all disorientated and dizzy. Yep, I didn’t like it!

watermouth castle devon tilting house

Merry Go and Adventure Land

The theme park at Watermouth Castle is fab for little kids. Pretty much all the rides are suitable for small ones and they can either ride alone or with an adult depending on height. B loved the planes, the seals and the cooking pots.

watermouth castle devon plane ride

There really was so much to do and we actually didn’t get around everything. If you fancy getting lost, try the maze! The snake tube slide is super long too! There is a huge outdoor play area too that B and I enjoyed playing on for a while.

watermouth castle devon

The Thunder Luge Toboggan Run

The highlight for me was the Thunder Luge Toboggan Run! This was so much fun and I went on it with my niece, I.

watermouth castle devon toboggan

B and daddy went on first, with I and Grandad. I then decided to stop being such a wimp and get my bum on it. And off we went. I didn’t realise you could control a lot of it by pushing forward to go faster or by pulling back to stop. You didn’t have to go whizzing round corners if you didn’t want to. It was loads of fun and I’m pleased I did it!

watermouth castle devon

Snail Trail Ride

This little ride is a gentle one and perfect for little ones or adults who don’t like anything that spins (me!). It was hilarious because B was worried about the tunnel at the end. As you can see here, he isn’t a happy chap!

watermouth castle devon

He buried his head in my arm and wouldn’t even peek. The joke was the whole tunnel was full of teddy bears, singing and dancing!

watermouth castle devon


The park has a lot of ups and downs, slopes and stairs. Around 60% of the park is accessible to wheel chair users, so it might be worth noting if this applies to you. Also keep this in mind if you plan to take a pram. It’s fine for prams but there are a few steep inclines to get the muscles working. Fortunately for us we are over the pram stage!

watermouth castle devon gardens

Beautiful Gardens

The gardens at Watermouth Castle are beautiful. I really enjoyed walking through them with the kids. There are pretty waterfalls and fountains throughout and you never quite know what to expect when you round the next corner!

watermouth castle devon castle gardens

It never really felt busy either, although it was half term. We never had to queue long for rides and even the popular ones like the Luge had short queues.

watermouth castle devon waterfalls

We had such a wonderful day at Watermouth Castle. Have you been?

watermouth castle north devon pin pic

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets (me, B and Mr D!) to Watermouth Castle for the purpose of this review. We genuinely had a fantastic day!

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