Trick or Treat! Is it Ever Ok?

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Trick or Treat?! Harmless Fun or Gone to Far?

When I was a kid I was never allowed to go trick or treating. Mum and dad told me it wasn’t right to go knocking on doors and begging for sweets. To be honest, I always felt like I was missing out on all the fun.

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Halloween wasn’t as popular as it is now. People didn’t decorate their homes and houses. Parties were few and far between and the shops stocked nothing like they do today. Now that I’m older and I have my own child, I wanted to gather your thoughts on this celebration. Is it ever ok to go trick or treating? Harmless fun or have we gone too far?

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In this post I share some views from other bloggers. Where do you stand when it comes to Halloween?

“We only Knock on Decorated Houses”

“We go trick or treating each year but will only knock on doors with decorations or pumpkins as we don’t like to bother people, but we are big Halloween fans so love to celebrate and have fun as a family and there are lots of people in our area who also celebrate.” Carly at Mummy and the Chunks.

“We go trick treating. I stand nearby but let my children do their thing. Rules are: only go to houses with decorations or pumpkins. Only take 1 sweet if there’s a bucket and always say thank you. I personally love Halloween but we never get trick or treaters where we live as there’s only 2 houses in our little village.” Ally at Slimsights.

halloween trick or treating opinions pumpkin face

I really like the idea of only knocking on decorated homes. Do you find that is the case where you live?

“I’ve Never Celebrated Halloween”

“I have never and “celebrated” Halloween. I think it’s a horrible event, and I do not agree with any of the things that are part of it; from teaching our children it is ok to go to stranger’s homes once a year to dulling their sense of fear of things.” Naomi at Me Becoming Mum.

“We Dress Up and Play Games”

“We go in a big group early in the evening and only to houses that are partaking (decorated, pumpkins outside). My friend usually has a party too so all the kids dress up and play games. They love being with their friends but there’s lots of adults supervising and it’s one night a year where they can indulge in spookiness.” Beth at Twinderelmo.halloween trick or treating opinions pumpkin

We’ve been doing more Halloween themed parties as B has gotten older. And I love it! I love dressing up and I love making spooky themed food like these eyeballs!

“I Don’t Want My Son Knocking on Doors”

“I don’t want my son to go trick or treating when he’s older. I wouldn’t encourage him to go around any other evening knocking on near strangers door, why would I do that on Halloween? I’d prefer to have a little bit of a ‘party’ at home; pumpkin carving, themed foods and a controllable amount of sugar!” Hayley at Devon Mama.

“It’s begging, simple as that!” Jen at Just Average Jen.

“It’s a Bit of Fun”

“My son is only 3 so we haven’t taken him out yet but we welcome everyone to our house on the night and happily give out sweets. It is a bit of fun and the children are always lovely and they love the houses that are decorated. They are usually all gone by 8pm and we’ve never seen any trouble from it.” Emma at Emma Reed.

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“We started last year because my 5 year old was desperate to go. We joined a little well organised group locally and they only knocked on doors where there was a pumpkin or poster in the window. The kids enjoyed it and the neighbours (even the elderly ones) loved seeing the children dressed up. They’d really gone to town getting treats and decorating their houses too!” Erica at the Incidental Parent.

“My Daughter is Terrified of it all”

“My children have autism so the rule is you don’t talk to strangers and I can not make an exception to that. I don’t personally agree or believe in Halloween anyway. My daughter (almost 9) is terrified of it all as she can not distinguish reality from imagination nor can she understand people inside costumes. My son is non verbal severe autism so has no clue of his name at 8 never mind Halloween!” Miriam at Faith Mummy.

“It’s a Lovely Way of Meeting Neighbours”

“I was always slightly wary of allowing the children to go trick or treating until our road started putting a lit pumpkin by the front door if you were happy to receive callers.
Done correctly, it’s a lovely way of meeting the neighbours and celebrating together.” Arabella at Exeter Baby Activities.

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“Trick or Treating is for Little Ones”

“Personally I feel if children are old enough to go Trick or Treating alone they are too old to do it. We go and only go to houses with pumpkins and friends who we’ve pre-arranged. I love Halloween. I think it’s a lovely sociable event if children are accompanied, polite and respectful.” Leandra at Lara Bee UK.

“It Disturbs the Dog and Kids!”

“I have a mental dog who hates people coming down the driveway and wakes the kids up. Come here at your peril. I don’t want to play, I want to drink wine and eat sweets on my own .” Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine.

“I Feel Pressured to Let the Kids go”

I would prefer not to do it, but I feel pressured to let my kids go. Most of their friends go trick or treating, so as a compromise, we go out to neighbours who we’ve spoken to first.” Pete at Household Moneysaving.

So where do you sit on the Halloween spectrum?

I’ll tell you where I am…I always felt like I missed out as a kid. But looking back, the trick or treaters we often had knock were teenagers, hiding their faces in hoodies. I much prefer the idea of celebrating Halloween with friends and neighbours and pre-arranging trick or treat fun. B is only 4 so no, we’re not taking him trick or treating just yet. And no, we wont open the door either. We are misogs like that.

Share with me your thoughts in the comments! Happy Halloween!

halloween trick or treating opinions pumpkin face


  1. I was thinking about this yesterday as Small Boy is now 2 and while a bit young for trick or treating but loved everyone coming to the door. I’m very conflicted through about the whole thing though – my mum always told me it was organised begging or slightly politer mugging (when I was a kid you actually got the trick which seems frowned upon now – was getting your house egged or similar). I also worry about the message about it being okay to sometimes go to strangers houses or take sweets from them. Small Boy seemed to really enjoy people coming to the door and waving at them and then telling them “goodbye”. Perhaps we will just stay and enjoy that until such time we can stay in and have a spooky evening together with Hocus Poxua on the box and me dressed as Mike Myers.

    • I know exactly what you mean. my son asked if we could go and I said no. I don’t mind having a party at home. but maybe as he gets older i’ll take him to some neighbours that I’ve already pre arranged.

  2. We had 104 children at the door this Halloween all were very polite and had parents who stood at the end of the drive . Each of the children only took one sweet and we loved seeing all their costumes. I do not think children should be out on there own . It is one dressing up night that the children love . We are in our sixties and do it now for our grandchildren. The children only knock if there is a pumpkin or other decorations up . No one is disturbed if they don’t want to be . Most go back for a little party hot dogs etc. So yes we never did it in our day but for some reason children expect and get more these days .

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