The Big Sheep in Devon – A Great Day Out!

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Bring Your Flock to The Big Sheep!

Hey there lovelies and welcome to the blog. How are you? I hope really well. We’ve had a lovely half term and we’re sharing with you our fun at The Big Sheep in Devon. If you’re unsure what The Big Sheep is then think animal farm and amusement park. There’s loads of things to do, indoors and out, and fun for the whole family.

The big sheep devon amusement park carousel ride

I thought the grounds at The Big Sheep were lovely. Mr D got some really nice photos through the day which we will share with you.

The big sheep devon amusement park view

Halloween Fun

We visited during the October half term and the whole park was decorated for Halloween. The decorations were awesome and they’d gone to so much effort. In fact they had one of those expert pumpkin carvers do some pretty awesome faces.

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween pumpkin

I commented to Mr D that it must have taken them literally ages to get all the décor sorted. It The whole park was decorated and you’ll see from all our photos throughout the write up!

We had complimentary tickets to visit the park but as always, our reviews are an honest account of our day.

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween pumpkin signs

Terrific Tractors

First stop for us today was the…self-drive tractors. Yep, that’s correct, one of the few things you do need to pay for. B took a ride with daddy as he loves these. To be fair they’re only a quid and go around a couple of times.

The big sheep devon amusement park tractor rides

Haunted Castles

We next headed up past the Twister ride to the haunted castle. There were so many fun decorations all along the path!

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween witch decoration
Oops! Crash landed!

We queued for about 10 minutes before entering the castle. It wasn’t really scary for adults but b found it frightening enough and complained the whole way round that he wanted to come out.

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween haunted house

Randomly we took a wrong turn and ended up in the backstage bit of the castle. Oops! We eventually found our way out. Phew!

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween

The Ghost Train

We wandered back through the park to the main pets corner where you’ll also find the ghost train.

On our way there we found this very spooky Victorian hologram gallery. B was literally mesmerized. And maybe the reason he was up crying at 11pm last night when Mr D and I were about to go to sleep. Oops.

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween hollograms

The actual ghost train is the regular park train spooked up a bit. This ambles round the park for 5 minutes or so. It’s a gentle ride and perfect for little ones and any parents who don’t fancy the roller coaster. This is me!

The decorations while riding around are awesome! Check out these pics!

The big sheep devon amusement park halloween decorations

More Halloween fun!

The big sheep devon amusement park decorBeware what’s in the woods!

The big sheep devon amusement parkAnd of course, B had to be the driver! Love this happy shot of him.

The big sheep devon amusement park b on train

Daddy went on the Rampage Rollercoaster while b and I did the train a second time. We managed to time it really well as we saw daddy whizzing round the trees on the rails while we were on our own rails! Spooky ey. Daddy saw us too so think lots of manic waving.

The big sheep devon amusement park

Ride if you Dare! The Rampage Rollercoaster

The Rampage Rollercoaster stands at 12 meters high, 400 meters long and whooshes along for a full two minutes. It’s no lie, I’m not a ride fan so I typically wimp out of anything like this. Fortunately for me, daddy is happy to ride all the rides. I typically hold the bags and take the picks. And that suits me just fine.

The big sheep devon amusement park park view

Farm Safari Ride

If you’re feeling brave then take a farm safari ride through the fields. Beware though, at Halloween time, there are some dreadful sights in the bushes. Think skeletons, ghosts and witches. We did see some animals too!

Feed the Sheep

If you want to, buy a bag of sheep feed at the entrance for 75p and feed the sheep in the pets corner. I think the sheep had had their fill as they weren’t at all interested in our feed! Glad we didn’t buy anymore bags!

You can see the Haunted House at the back of this picture too. We queued up for around 20 minutes, with b bigging up that he was going to go in. It’s our turn and nope, he wasn’t going in. Grr!

The big sheep devon amusement park barn and haunted house

Hello!The big sheep devon amusement park sheep in barn

Enjoy a Bite to Eat

After our tractor ride we had a bite to eat up by the splash zone and the bouncy pillows. There are loads of picnic tables dotted around so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a space to sit and eat. A number of tables are undercover by the soft play entrance and there is a café inside too if you can’t be bothered to pack a picnic. You also have the Shepherd’s restaurant by the entrance. There’s loads of seating inside and out there too.

All Weather Fun

If the weather is pants then you have a lot of activities and things to do inside. The indoor play zone is huge and a lot of the walk ways are covered too from the entrance through to the pets corner.

The big sheep devon amusement park indoor soft play

Shows Through the Day

There were a number of shows running through the day and we enjoyed watching the duck trails and the sheep dog trails.

The big sheep devon amusement park ducks

Craig, the sheep dog, had no trouble rounding these ducks up!

Swan Pedalos

Swan Pedalos are a nice way to relax for ten minutes. The gardens are lovely and we were so lucky with the weather. It had rained all weekend and beginning of the week. Daddy and b enjoyed a ride on the swans.

The big sheep devon amusement park swans

Onsite Micro Brewery

Now this bit was the highlight for Mr D – the craft beer micro brewery! Be there at 1pm for some beer tastings.

The big sheep devon amusement park micro brewery beers

Have you been to The Big Sheep in Devon? We had an awesome day and the Halloween decorations were brilliant!

The big sheep devon amusement park devon pin pic

Disclaimer: We had complimentary tickets to The Big Sheep as part of the Devon Bloggers Squad. All opinions are honest and our own!

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