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the milky way devon review

Fun at the Milky Way Adventure Park in Devon

Hello lovelies, how are we doing? We’ve had the most atrocious weather in Devon. It literally hasn’t stopped raining. Lucky for us we had complimentary tickets to The Milky Way Adventure Park in Devon this half term. We had so much fun! And to say it’s an all weather attraction is an understatement. We hardly set foot outside all day. The weather really was dire but it had zero impact on having a fab day!

the milky way devon halloween entrance half term weekend review

If you’re in North Devon and the weather isn’t great, then I highly recommend this attraction as a great option.

Halloween Spooktacular

We visited the Milky Way during the October half term and as you’d expect, they had loads of Halloween activities for the family.

Throughout the day kids and adults could take part in broomstick lessons. These are perfect if you have a Harry Potter fan who wants to learn to fly. B didn’t want to take part so we just watched. He gets clingy if something is new so I didn’t want to push him. He thought it was hilarious though watching all the mums and dads running round the hall with a broomstick!

Broomstick sign at the milk way devon theme park

In the main entrance they had three different tables set up, all ready with Halloween activities – spell writing, potion mixing and wand making. And they really had gone to a lot of effort I thought. The spell writing involved using feathers and ink to write out spells. B made a few marks with his feather and then we bound our spell with a bit of string.

spell writing at the milky way devon

Here you can see B busy at work writing his spell.

spell writing at the milky way devon

The potion  table was literally ram packed. This was so much fun and the girls behind the table were really good at entertaining the kids, telling them their noses would fall off if they used too many of the various items.

spell writing at the milky way devon

There were lots of different seeds, spices and bits and bobs to pop in your potions. Here you can see B isn’t sure about the ground tiger eyes!

spell potion making at the milky way devon

The wand making looked lots of fun too – think brown play doh and lots of glitter fun! B didn’t want to do this though!?! So we bought our wand home, plain, and I intend to sparkle it up here.

spell potion making at the milky way devon

Droid Destroyer Dodgems

First ride stop for us – the dodgems. I haven’t been on dodgems since the 1990s and then I remember getting off them battered and bruised. Foruntately they run a few different sessions for big kids and little kids. We had a couple of goes and when I took b on, he was yelling at me to try and bump into people!

Droid Destroyer Dodgems at the milky way theme park

Sci-Fi Memorabilia

If you’re a sci-fi geek then this bit is not to be missed. It’s basically one man’s huge collection of Star Wars “stuff”. Now I’m not a huge Star Wars fan at all and I have no idea what the difference is between Darth Maul and Darth Vader – but b and daddy loved this bit. So much so that b had to walk around again. Yay.

the milky way devon sci fi collection of star wars memorabilia

The Star Wars character models are life-size and really impressive. There were some buttons you could press on the way round to hear different noises. B loves Star Wars and as we were going to bed that night, he told me he wouldn’t be able to sleep because there were Tie Fighters about. Nice try b.

the milky way devon sci fi collection of star wars memorabilia

Space and Magic Shows

When The Milky Way pitches itself as an all weather attraction, I can honestly say it really is. Probably 90% of the main attractions are undercover. Throughout the day they run a number of shows, so it’s worth taking a look at the ones you want to see. They all take place in the main hall, and it’s pretty central to everything. You never have too far to walk. The first show we watched was the solar system show. This included juggling and fun facts about space.space show at the milky way theme park in north devon

Towards the end of the day we watched The Merlin Magic show. This was fun and included some fire juggling and plate spinning. The guy who runs the show was featured on Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve never seen it though so I wasn’t sure who he was!

fire juggling merlin magic show from britains got talent


The Milky Way have a number of rides for the whole family, including a couple of rollercoasters. There is a little one for smaller kids and then a larger one. B actually went on the little one too – The cosmic caterpillar! I say this with surprise as when we went to Drayton Manor’s Thomas Land, he went on the Cranky rollercoaster and bawled his eyes out. Oops. Luckily this time he came off full of smiles.

cosmic caterpillar rollercoaster at the milky way in devon

The Cosmic Typhoon is the larger rollercoaster and you need to be over 1.2meters to ride. B didn’t fancy this one so we didn’t try it out.

Spooky Bone Zone

The Clone Zone, renamed the BONE Zone, is another ride to try out at The Milky Way. You first walk through an area complete with flashing lights and sounds. It’s as if you’re being transported up to an alien mother ship. There is also a maze area and a bit that makes it look like you’re walking on water. All very disorientating. You then get on the ride which is like a fast indoor rollercoaster, mostly in the dark.

Indoor Play Fun

if you don’t fancy rides then there are loads of places to play at The Milky Way. The Time Warp indoor softplay area is huge, with a number of slides. You have ball pits and fun activities like air ball shooting. B absolutely loved this and we really did get one of our balls through the 100 hole!

ball shooting at the time warp softplay at milky way

The lighting isn’t great in the play zone so my photo here isn’t the best to be honest!

There’s another soft play area, Little Stars, for ages 0-6. You can actually visit this part without visiting the Milky Way. B and Daddy went and had some fun here while mum went and watched the Falconry show. When I met them there, Dad explained there’d been tantrums in the WOW toy area. This was basically a WOW toy play area full of WOW toys.

There is more indoor fun for little ones with ride on tractors, an indoor sand pit and a large balloon area to play in. B loved this and had lots of fun jumping around. I absolutely love this colourful shot that the hubby took.

the milky way devon sindoor softplay balloon fun for kids

Undercover Train Ride

No attraction would be complete without a train ride would it?! We love a train ride. Fortunately it is all undercover so the rain didn’t keep us away. The train ride only lasts about 5-10 minutes or so and takes you past the rollercoaster. It’s def worth a ride if you don’t fancy the rollercoasters.

train station sign at milky way theme park

Falconry Shows

While the boys headed to the Little Stars soft play, mum headed to the falconry show. I love seeing the birds fly. One of the birds swooped so low you could feel the rush of air on the back of your neck. It’s lovely seeing them glide past so close. The owls were beautiful too and the lady who gave the show was really knowledgeable, giving the kids lots of info on the different birds.

barn owl at the falconry show at milky way

Paid for Activities

Everything I mentioned above is included in your ticket price but there are a few paid-for activities you can do too. The pottery painting area was huge and had a number of Halloween items to paint.

the milky way devon pottery painting and archery

You also could try your hand at archery and laser target shooting.

milky way archery range

Have you been to The Milky Way in North Devon? We had a fab day and it was lots of fun! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below or pin this post for your next trip to Devon!

the milky way in devon

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to The Milky Way as part of the Devon Halloween Blogger Squad. Our thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

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