Happy Birthday to Me. What Am I Celebrating?

Happy Birthday to Me. What Am I Celebrating?

Wow, another year gone.

I know what my mum meant now when she used to say she wasn’t fussed about her birthday as every year passed. As a kid I thought she was mad. But now I’m nearing 21 (hmm), I can honestly say that I’m not jumping for joy.

So today on the blog, I’m going to share with you the good things that have happened over the last 12 months. A year has gone but it wasn’t wasted and I can be happy and proud when I look back at what I’ve achieved.

I’ve spent so many years feeling low, feeling down and generally moaning about life. And I’ve let myself feel low. I have a choice every day and this year I’ve been making an effort to get up and have a good day. Even if really, it’s been a bit shit. It’s only since I started the blog that I felt like I had something to focus on that was all mine. Today I’m celebrating that, amongst other things.

So grab a glass of vino, pull up a chair and celebrate with me.


Sure there are always ups and downs but right now, I feel content with life. I feel happy. A lot of that is feeling like the work I’m doing is helping someone. So work in my day job but also the hours I put in here, on the blog. Reading some of the lovely comments and getting feedback makes me realise it is worth the effort.

Mum Friends

I’m celebrating mum friends today. Without them I don’t know where I’d be! They’ve been there when times have been tough and they’ve helped me laugh. I’m so lucky to have beautiful friends who can relate to what I’m going through as a busy mum.

Happy Birthday to Me. What Am I Celebrating?


Today I’m celebrating stats. I started the blog in September 2015 and wasn’t really sure of where I was heading or why. I knew I wanted to write. Fast forward two years and here are some of the numbers:

From 0 to over 5000 followers on Twitter.

From 0 to over 600 followers on Facebook (I’m working on it!).

From 0 to 3000 followers on Instagram (I’m working on it!).

A domain authority (how relevant Google think my site is) which has gone from zero to 42.

30k – the number of views my YouTube videos have knocked up.

Half a million – average monthly viewers of my stuff on Pinterest.

376 – the number of blog posts I’ve published.

I know to some these numbers aren’t overly impressive but for me they are, and I’m really proud of how far the blog has come.

happy birthday to me and happiness


We’ve been really fortunate to have visited some amazing places this year, as part of our blogging journey. Our family holiday abroad had to be put on hold after the husband snapped his Achilles back in April. Instead we had a wonderful stay at Cofton Holiday Park, and another amazing weekend at Ladram Bay.

The Future

It’s up to me to make a decision. To get up, embrace the day and be happy. Every day I have a choice and I aim to try and continue to make the most of each day. Learn, write, teach. I want to be an inspiration to b.happy birthday to me and happiness

So there we go. There’s lots more to celebrate too and I could waffle on for pages but I won’t. Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday to Me. What Am I Celebrating?

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