Learning Phonics is Fun With Thomas Alphaphonics!

thomas and friends alphaphonics learning pad review

Learn Phonics with Thomas Alphaphonics

We’ve been lucky to review a lot of amazing toys this year. Although I’m still finding Kinetic Rock stuck to my socks (head in hands emoji!). Those rocks are persistent little blighters.

Today on the blog we’re reviewing the Thomas and Friends Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics electric learning toy. And it’s come at the perfect time. B just started school last month and of course, their main focus is on phonics, the alphabet and reading.learning phonics with thomas alphaphonics electronic learning aid

What is the Thomas Alphaphonics?

Thomas Alphaphonics is an electric learning toy with fun in mind. It’s aimed at pre-school age and offers lots of interactive play options, all designed to aid learning letters and sounds. The unit is light and sturdy and the toy features the whole alphabet, using upper and lower case letters.

You can hold the unit in either the left or right hand. You can see in the image below that b is playing it with his left hand.

There are seven different play options and each one is focused around memory, letter recognition and phonics.learning phonics with thomas alphaphonics electronic learning aid

Perfect for Thomas Fans

If your little one is a Thomas fan then they will enjoy the music option. You can press this anytime to hear songs from the TV programme. B loves the Thomas theme tune and we’ve had to endure this quite a lot over the last few days!

The sound setting is pretty loud and b knows exactly how to control it. I had to ask b to lower the sound a few times as we could hear it around the whole house.

And there is no way to turn the unit off properly. If you accidently knock it, the Fat Controller’s voice bellows out. This was much fun when transporting the unit from Grandma’s house to hours. A 20 minute motorway journey accompanied by Thomas music and sounds! Yep, we’d left it in the boot!

learning phonics with thomas alphaphonics electronic learning aid

Benefits of Electronic Learning Toys

I find one of the best ways to engage b with learning is to make it fun. For example our recent pants throwing phonics game. I find interactive toys with lights and sound are always a hit with b. If he gets the chance to learn some letters and sounds at the same time, then win win. Learning doesn’t have to mean boring and there are so many ways to help engage our kids these days.

Children learn so much through play so I love the idea of giving b a “toy” which really acts as an extension of learning outside the classroom.

Fun to Play Together

B and I have been playing the games on the Thomas Alphaphonics pad for a few days now and we’ve genuinely enjoyed it. It makes learning a bit of fun and is helping b remember his letters!

You can buy your own copy on Amazon here:

learning phonics with thomas alphaphonics electronic learning aid

Have you used any electronic learning aids to help your child learn? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments and pin this post for later!

thomas and friends alphaphonics learning pad review

Disclaimer: We were sent this toy in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are honest and my own. This link also includes an affiliate link.


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