A Me and B Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher!

Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher

A Me and B Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher!

Let me start this review by saying our last dishwasher was shocking. It really was. Not only did the bottom rack get stuck all the time, but things just wouldn’t wash properly. I’d pop in something covered in pasta sauce and it would come out covered in pasta sauce! And no it wasn’t user error before you say! It was just a rubbish, cheap dishwasher.

So when we got the chance to review this Hotpoint one from AO.com, I was very excited! The thought of having a dishwasher that actually washes dishes was exciting! You can take a nose at our full review here:

Ten Programmes to Choose From

In terms of dishwashers, it is very impressive. It has ten different programmes which you can select from, depending on how much you’re washing and what type of things. For example there is a delicate programme for glasses. I’m used to washing glasses by hand as the old dishwasher didn’t tackle glasses well at all.

Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher

3D Wash Zone

One feature which is very cool, and which I haven’t seen on a dishwasher before is the ability to focus the jets on a specific area. By selecting the zone wash 3d button you can focus additional water jets to help increase washing performance on a specific area. You can select either the upper or lower rack.

Super Quick Washes

If you’re short on time or have a few things that are only lightly soiled then the turbo button works well. It basically shortens one of the main programmes. There is also an Express 30 wash which is literally that – a 30 minute cycle.

Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher

Plenty of Room

This dishwasher has enough room to cater for 14 place settings and is recommended for medium household sizes. It has plenty of room for the three of us, plus room for large pans and bowls. I really like the top rack as there’s space for glasses, as well as a tray for lying large knives and utensils on.

Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher

Well Designed

Overall, this is a fab dishwasher. After using this dishwasher for a week, I can honestly say we are loving it. The 3d zone jets are brilliant if you have heavily soiled pans on the top rack and I’m loving the delicate cycle which works well for glasses.

Review of the Hotpoint HFO3O32WGC Dishwasher

Disclaimer: We were sent this dishwasher for the purpose of this review. Opinions are my own and as always, honest!

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