Putting the Beko WR862441G Washing Machine to the Test!

Beko WR862441G washing machine reviews and pros and cons

Putting the Beko WR862441G Washing Machine to the Test!

I don’t know about you but since becoming a mum, my washing machine is my go-to kitchen appliance. I can live without a dishwasher and I can get by without a microwave. But a washing machine? No chance!

Wise Words

I remember having a convo with my nana when I had little b. Nana is super wise and she has this amazing ability to bring me back down to earth when I’m feeling a bit lost. I remember moaning about being a new mum and how tiring it was. She filled me in on how motherhood went in the 1950s. And from that day on, I stopped moaning. I use a washing machine and I don’t scrub dirty nappies by hand. Enough said!

A Sparkly Review

So today on the blog I’m sharing with you our recent experience with the Beko WR862441G Washing Machine. You can check out our little review on YouTube too:

We received this washing machine last week and I’ve been busy trying out all the settings. And there are loads – 15 in total! The control panel is similar to our old BEKO. We’ve actually always had BEKO machines and I’ve always been impressed. The problem with our old one though was the drum was just too small. I think it would have been fine if it were just me and mr D. But little b seems to generate enough washing for the whole of Weston!

15 Wash Programmes!

It’s worth having a read through the manual and seeing which programme does what. I’m typically quite lazy and bung everything on a cottons wash. There are loads of options though so it’s worth taking five minutes to familiarise yourself.

Beko WR862441G 8Kg Washing Machine graphite review manual

Anti-Allergy Cycle

I really want to try out the an anti-allergy cycle. I’ve been suffering with allergies for ages now and I’m keen to try out this one. The programme has been tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation so I’m hoping it might help.

Delicate Items

You’ve also got a number of options for delicate items. There’s a specific cycle for woollen clothes and a hand wash programme which can be used for clothes that state not machine washable.

14 Minute Wash Cycle

The cycles I tend to use the most are quick ones that freshen up clothes and this machine offers two options: The daily quick cycle which lasts 28 minutes and the super short one at 14 minutes. I tried out both and they are so handy when you just need to freshen up a few things.

Beko WR862441G 8Kg Washing Machine graphite review

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

A huge bonus too is that you can see the cycles counting down. This is perfect if you’re going out and see you only have a few minutes on a cycle to go. You can then wait and hang your washing out to dry!

Faded Jeans?!

Another option which I haven’t seen on a machine we’ve had before is the dark care setting. This should be used for darker items that you don’t want to fade. So think jeans.

I am loving this new machine and it’s a lot bigger than the last one. This really helps with the huge load of darks I always face each weekend!

Beko WR862441G washing machine reviews and pros and consDisclaimer: We were sent this machine to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We genuinely love it!

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