8 Must-Have Items to Pack on Your Next Caravan Holiday!

8 things to pack on a caravan holiday that you might not have thought of

8 things to pack on a caravan holiday that you might not have thought of…!

Having been on quite a few caravan holidays now, I feel equipped to tell you what extras you should pack to ensure a super-duper, comfy few days away. We’ve been fortunate to have stayed in some very lush caravans this year but there are still a few home essentials that I recommend you pack. If you’re stuck for places to visit then take a nose at our trip to Cofton Holiday Park and Ladram Bay Park, both in South Devon.

Right so essentials. If you’re travelling with toddlers or young children then don’t forget to pop these in your suitcase:

Plug Protectors

Yep, the plug protectors. Why? Because most holiday homes we’ve stayed in have two plugs right by the bed. Perfect for charging a mobile phone but not so good when your boy wants to see what happens if he sticks his Lego man in one. So yep, plug protectors are still very much part of my luggage plan.

what to pack when on a caravan holiday

A Night Light

If your little one likes a night light at home then don’t forget to pack one for the caravan too. I always find this useful with b. Just don’t forget to take it and all your plug protectors home!

Plastic Plates, Cups and Cutlery

Now this one depends really on your child. If you have a child that can’t be trusted with crockery then yep, pack some of the plastic. Otherwise you should be fine. Most holiday homes we go to do not offer plastic cups, plates and bowls for kids.

what to pack when on a caravan holiday plastic cutlery

Extra Blankets and Pillows

This extra might be just me but I like to pack a few snuggly blankets and some extra pillows. I’m fussy when it comes to pillows and I like my own. So yeah, they get packed to. I like having the extra blankets to use in the living room and the bedroom.

A Good Frying Pan

Again, this might be just me but most holiday homes we’ve stayed at, have had a crap frying pan. I do scrambled egg for breakfast and spend half the day scraping it off. Joy. So yeah, I take my own pan.

A Sharp Knife

I take a couple of my favourite knives. I know it sounds silly but some of the ones I’ve had to endure have been awful. I’d rather just pack a few good ones.

what to pack when on a caravan holiday knives

Extra Towels

And then some more towels. Now it depends where you stay and whether towels are included but I typically take extra. Even when we hire towels, I take at least three more for the pool. I like to keep shower towels and pool towels separate! If you don’t hire towels than think about how many you’ll need to keep at the caravan and take swimming.

what to pack when on a caravan holiday

A Small Lamp or Fairy Lights

Yes, yes I can hear you say “what the…?” but hear me out. When you get back to the caravan on an eve, they don’t always have low lighting. I don’t know about you but I hate really bright lighting on an evening. I prefer low lights and candles. I typically pack a bedside lamp and some fairy lights. They work really well in the lounge and bedroom and just make it feel a lot more cosy. It’s also handy if I want to read in bed and the hubby wants to sleep. Not ideal if the top light needs to stay on!

what to pack when on a caravan holiday

So there you go, my round up of 8 things, which, in my opinion, are essential for a cozy home from home holiday feel.

We are off to North Devon soon and I’m super excited. I’ve already packed my plug protectors and fairy lights.

8 things to pack on a caravan holiday that you might not have thought of

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