5 Ways to Get the House Ready for Halloween!

Decorate Your Home for Halloween!

5 Ways to get the House ready for Halloween!

I love Halloween and autumn. I always have done. My birthday is in October and it’s always been a month that I’ve loved. So to get us in the autumn mood, I’m sharing with you some of my tips and tricks for spooking up your home this Halloween. There are so many lovely things you can buy now, and they don’t need to be tacky either. I love printables too at the moment. Not sure what they are? Take a look here for some I made you.


This year we decided to try our hand at growing our own. And I’m pleased to say we had some successes! Not like last year. Oops. We’ve grown pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies. I’ve especially loved the pumpkins. Every time I see them on my windowsill I feel proud that I grew these little babies from a tiny seed!

pumpkins ready for halloween with a candle home decor

Pumpkins look great even if you don’t carve them. I’ve popped a few around the house for autumn and Halloween. And these wicker ones are just beautiful too.

halloween pumpkins and candles to make your home cosy


If you’re having a party or hosting this Halloween then why not consider a banner?! I’m loving these personalised ones from Dom and Geri. Their site is dedicated to all things personalised, from wrapping paper and cards to full size banners. They do loads of banners for all celebrations. You can take a nose here.

halloween dom and geri banner personalised
Image courtesy of the Dom and Geri website

The banners are perfect for parties and you can customise them with your own photos too. The photo I used to customize our medium banner is one of my favourite Halloween ones. It’s a pic of me and b, dressed up and ready for our first Halloween party together. He was only just 1.

personalised banners for halloween

The banner is printed on photo paper so it is thick and rolls up easily. It looks good quality, is super shiny and feels sturdy. However, I’d actually say the photo paper makes it harder to put up due to the weight! You also need to be super careful not to bend the photo paper too.banner for halloween


Autumn is my absolutely favourite season and I love getting candles out on the dark evenings. You can pick up so many from the discount stores. You really don’t need to pay a lot. My favourite ones at the moment are these for a few quid from Home Bargains in the UK. Once lit, the fragrance fills the whole house for hours.

halloween pumpkins and candles to make your home cosy

Pine Cones and Conkers

Autumn is a great time to get out about to collect conkers, acorns and chestnuts. Head down to your local woods or park and be sure to take a bag with you. We collected so many conkers recently. They look lovely scattered about the home. Pine cones are great too we have loads all scattered around the car park where I work.

making your home ready for Halloween

Signs and Printables

If you really want to go mad this Halloween then pick up some spooky signs or print out some printables. If you’re not sure where to look for printables then take a nose at these four I’ve made for you. Simply print out the pdfs and frame. They are super simple and look great!

Free halloween printables including ghosts cats witches hats and happy halloween signs!

I love some of the signs you can pick up in the pound shops too. I should probably leave this one up all year.

making your home ready for Halloween witches sign on dresser

How will you spooky up your home this Halloween? Do you go all out when it comes to Halloween decorations or are you just not fussed?!

Decorate Your Home for Halloween!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Dom and Geri.

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