How to Find and Join Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic!

How to Find and Join Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic!

Want to Drive Traffic to your Site? Find and Join Group Boards on Pinterest!

OK so I’ve had a lot of questions recently on how to go about finding Pinterest Group Boards.

If you’re not sure what they are then let me explain. Or of course sign up to my VA service and let me do it for you!

A group board is like a regular board but with more than one collaborator. There may be two people that pin to the board or 200. And they are great for sharing your content but also finding new content to schedule using Tailwind. If you’re new to Pinterest or Tailwind, take a look at my beginners tips here and here.

Finding group boards to collaborate on takes time and effort though. Today I’m sharing some tips on how to find those group boards and join in with the group board action.

Facebook Groups

First up, I recommend using Facebook groups. There are a number that are specific for finding group boards and others that offer group board shout outs on certain days. You can find some of my favourite Pinterest-related Facebook groups in this post.

Otherwise try Pinterest Group Board Add to get you started!

This group is great for finding group boards to collaborate on. Think about posting your own shout out onto the page too. Tell people the type of boards you’re looking to be a collaborator on. So if you’re a mummy blogger, you may want toddler or pregnancy boards. If you blog about food, maybe recipe boards or groups related to healthy living will be your thing.

Most of the posts accepting collaborators will require you to follow them, and the board on Pinterest first.

How to Find and Join Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic!


I’ve had limited success with PinGroupie. It is basically a search engine and database of all Pinterest groups. It’s great because you can search by topic and filter by number of followers a group has. It does take time to trawl through the data and find relevant groups though. And even when you click through to them in Pinterest, they don’t always offer how to join. Some will also say “not accepting collaborators right now” or similar.

How to find pinterest group boards to join

But having said that, it’s worth a look. From PinGroupie you can click right through to the group board in Pinterest. So take a look here for example:

How to find pinterest group boards to join

You can see the board name, a short description, followers and pins. If the group is open to collaborators, it will usually state so here. Some people give an email address or ask you to comment on a pin.

If you want to try and join a board, be sure to follow the board and then send them a message. So for example here, you’re invited to email:

How to find pinterest group boards to join

And here, it states to comment on a pin:

How to find pinterest group boards to join

Board searches within Pinterest

Next up is to search directly within Pinterest.

Are you wondering how?

Let me explain.

First up, open Pinterest and do a search on whatever your niche or interest area is. For example, parenting toddlers. Your search brings up a load of parenting and toddler related pins right.

How to find pinterest group boards to join

Next, refine this search by choosing “boards”. I circled this for you in red in the image above.
Now that you’re searching for boards and not individual pins, you can take a nose through those boards and see if any are open to collaboration.

How do you do that?

Well open a few boards. I typically open in new tabs so I don’t lose my main board search. See what I mean?

How to find pinterest group boards to join

Some of the boards will tell you how to reach out if you want to join in. Others won’t say anything. You can always try messaging the board moderator or commenting on one of their pins. I haven’t had much luck this way though. It takes a while to trawl through various boards.

Here’s an example of a group board that is open to collaborators:

How to find pinterest group boards to join

A lot of this is trial and error and finding the right boards for you and your blog. It takes time. It isn’t an overnight thing! Join in with the Facebook groups, get to know people, ask for help. And be patient! And to start you off, pin this to your blogging or social media tips board!

How to Find and Join Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic!


  1. I am a part of group Pinterest boards, but I don’t really use it them…. What you’re telling me is that I have use them if I want to get more traffic. Thanks for the tips.

    • I find joining some of the pin shares good and because I use Tailwind too, the groups help me find useful content. it does take time though : )

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! I had a ton of luck on Pinterest back in the day, then sadly didn’t realize how LUCKY I really was so I kind of forgot about it. Now I’m back and it’s sooooo congested, this REALLY helps to stand out and make a splash! Thank you!!

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