How to find Tailwind Tribes to Boost your Pinterest Traffic!

Tailwind Tribes and where and how to find them to boost your pinterest traffic

Find those Tribes and Pin those Pins!

Ah Tailwind tribes. You either love them or hate them. I have mixed views to be honest. I’m in 46 right now and 46 is probably way too many. I’ve done a bit of a cost/benefit analysis and there are only a handful which are really worth my time and effort. I find a lot of the content is duplicated or posted without a description. I want to share good content with my audience. For that reason I’ve left quite a few and I’m going to try out some new ones. I’ll keep you posted!

Today though, I’m going to share with you some of the places I go to find new tribes join. If you’re a complete beginner to Tailwind and Pinterest then you might find the following blog posts helpful too 🙂

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Tailwind Tribes and where and how to find them to boost your pinterest traffic
First up, what is a Tailwind Tribe?

A Tailwind Tribe is a group within Tailwind where you share your pins. You then share other people’s pins by scheduling them in your Tailwind queue. Tribes are great because you can join ones that fit your niche. It then saves you time finding relevant content to pin.

You might be asking “but why pin other content when I just want to pin my own”?! Well the answer is because Pinterest likes accounts that pin other content and you want to come across as an expert in your area. Share other content as well as your own content. Get a nice mix going on.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are my go-to for finding Tailwind tribes. If you’re serious about joining tribes then you need to check out these two:

Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest

Pinterest Tailwind Tribes

If you’re a member of regular blogging Facebook groups (and you should be!) then it’s worth asking the question:

“I’m looking to join some tailwind tribes around parenting/food/travel. Can anyone recommend any please?”

You might get lucky and have some people post their tribes in the replies. For more info on Facebook groups to help drive Pinterest traffic, take a read of this post. I list out 7 Facebook groups that have really helped me grow my blog traffic through Pinterest.

Otherwise, I suggest joining the groups above and scrolling through some of the threads. You can be clever with the group search, putting in your blog niche to bring up any related posts.

Tailwind Tribes and where and how to find them to boost your pinterest traffic


You can’t beat a good Google search can you? Have a little look and see what other bloggers recommend. You’ll find hundreds of blog posts and articles which give you direct links to tribes. Here are a list of the ones I like:

This list by Kathryn at Singing Through The Rain is phenomenal and offers 75 tribes which you can join, all sorted by category and niche. Perfect!

Internet Marketing Gym lists a few here to join.

This blog post is fab, listing over 100 tribes to join. Again they are organised by niche so it’s super easy to find the ones relevant to you.

There are over 150 tribes listed in this post by Sandra on Medium. They are sorted by niche and this is a great list.

If you need more tribes to join then take a nose on the mother hustler blog here. Over 200 tribes are listed so you are spoilt for choice!

And finally, I really love this post at Haley’s Vintage. Haley covers over 40 tribes but goes into a bit more detail, listing some of the rules and the pin ratio. Most tribes are pin one pin for every pin you drop. Some are pin two for every one, so be sure to check out the rules first.

So there you go, over 500 tribes for you to choose from right here.

Have you used Tailwind tribes? Have they been successful? Don’t forget to pin this post or add it to your queue too!

Tailwind Tribes and where and how to find them to boost your pinterest traffic


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