7 Facebook Groups to Join if you Want to Rocket your Pinterest Traffic!

pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers

My Top 7 Facebook Groups to Drive Traffic Through Pinterest

I’ve been using Pinterest to help grow my blog for a year now and it’s really helped a lot. I blogged about some of my beginners tips here and you can find some Tailwind tips here. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite “Pinterest-related blogging groups on Facebook”. That’s a mouthful of social media words!

Basically, if you use Facebook blogging groups then there are a few Pinterest ones which are worth joining!

Skyrocket your Pinterest and Drive Traffic to your Website!

Pinterest Group Board Add

Pinterest Group Board Add is great for finding group boards to collaborate on. Think about posting your own shout out on the page too. Tell people the type of boards you’re looking to collaborate on. So if you’re a mummy blogger, you may want toddler or pregnancy boards. If you blog about food, maybe recipe boards or groups related to healthy living will be your thing. You get where I’m going with that?

Most of the posts accepting collaborators will require you to follow them and the board on Pinterest first.

pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers

Peace, Love and Pinterest

Peace, Love and Pinterest is a group I really like because Penney, the admin, posts some awesome ideas for content creation and keywords. So for example, right now some suggestions for keywords include: “pumpkins, squash, apples, slow cooker meals, and Halloween.

I find these suggestions really handy as a reminder as to what I should be pushing through Pinterest right now.

People also post questions and ask for general Pinterest help in this group. There is also a “What are you Pinning?” post where you can drop one of your pins. Be sure to follow the rules and make sure you reciprocate by pinning at least 3 other pins.

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest has a number of things going on each week to boost your Pinterest feed and increase traffic to your blog. Share your pins, share other pins, find content to fill your Tailwind queue and join in with the weekly follow threads.

Tuesdays offer people to share the boards where they are looking for collaborators. Be sure to look out for those if you want to join new group boards.

wooden desk tips for pinterest and facebook groups to join

Bloggers Pinterest Pinning Party

Bloggers Pinterest Pinning Party is for bloggers who love using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog. You can share your tips and tricks, ask questions and join in with the various pinning parties. People also use the group to advertise group board collaborations.

There are different pinning activities pretty much every day so keep a look out and be sure to follow the rules if you share your content.

Pinning Aint Easy

Pinning Aint Easy is an AWESOME group. I’ve been a member of this group for a while now and although it doesn’t have loads of Pinterest related posts, I really love the StumbleUpon ones! The rules are not too complicated and the threads are easy to complete. They don’t get too big if you know what I mean. Some threads I join end up with over 100 plus accounts to follow and sometimes it gets a bit much!

pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers

PinTips – Pinterest Tips for Bloggers and Brands

I really love PinTips as Jen is awesome when it comes to Pinterest. I get her emails and they always offer loads of advice. She’s always super quick to answer any questions I have regarding Pinterest and Tailwind too.

This group is fab for advice and for anyone just starting out who needs a helping hand. There are a number of threads you can join to share pins too.

Definitely a group to join if you want to get to grips with this social platform.

Pinterest Pals

I’ve been a member of Pinterest Pals for a while and although I don’t often join in the threads, when I do, they are super simple to complete. The rules are short and sweet, not too complicated. Drop a pin, pin six others. Remember that Pinterest isn’t just about sharing your content. Threads for finding and sharing other content are super handy.

Overall Amber’s group is well run and a place I enjoy browsing. I try and take part in the threads when I have time.

So there we go. A little round-up of my favourite Pinterest groups on Facebook. I’ve had a lot of help and advice from these groups and I love finding new content to share from them. I love helping people who are new to Pinterest too!

Don’t Forget to Pin This!

Am I missing any other groups that you love? Perhaps there are even better ones out there! Be sure to share with me your own tips and tricks in the comments and of course, be sure to pin the images in this post!

pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers

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  1. I have pinned this! I am still getting to grips with Pinterest. I love looking at all the great stuff you can find on there, but get a bit lost with using it to help my blog. Thanks for this post, it is very helpful x

    • I’ve dedicated a lot of time and it is def paying off now. Pleased the post was useful. If you search Pinterest on my blog you’ll find more 🙂

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