Construction Fun with the Kinetic Rock, Rock Crusher Play Set!

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

Rock Crushing Fun With Kinetic Rock!

Hey there and welcome. I hope you are doing well and back in to the swing of school and work life! I can’t really believe that it’s September. It doesn’t feel like we had summer really. I guess it was a bit of a nothing what with the hubby’s achilles injury.

Today on the blog we are getting back to business with a little review of the Kinetic Rock, Rock Crusher Play Set by Spin Master. You might already be aware of Kinetic Sand, that odd sand type stuff that kind of sticks together?!kinetic rock review crusher rock set

I’ve never actually played with the sand kit, but I’ve heard good things. When we were invited to try out Kinetic Rock, I was excited to give it a go! B loves anything to do with digging and building and I was sure he’d love this play set.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

What is Kinetic Rock?

Kinetic rock is exactly that – tiny pieces of real rock. They are held together by some sort of magic, kind of sticky glue stuff. I know right, not a very technical explanation. But the sticky stuff really is odd! It’s odourless and it isn’t coloured. You can pull the rock apart and you can flatten it. You can squish it back together again too.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

What do you Get in the Kinetic Rock Box?

You get everything you need to get you started!kinetic rock review crusher rock set

  • 12oz of Kinetic Rock -It doesn’t look like much but it’s enough to start with. I’m not sure how long it will stay 12oz though as B kept dropping bits all over the place.
  • 1 Dump Truck
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 Rock Crusher
  • 1 Character Figurine – which you can pop in the dump truck. You need to put him in head first. This frustrated B a bit.
  • 1 Rock Mold
  • 1 Tool
  • 1 Sign
  • 1 Transformable Sand Box – this is super handy. The box doubles up as a play area.
  • 1 Instruction Guide

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

Playing with our Kinetic Rock

The concept is super easy. You use the tools and truck provided in the play set to crush, mold and bash your rock. You can do whatever you like with it really. The Kinetic rock box doubles as a handy play area to try and keep the rock contained. Now I say “try” because this stuff did go everywhere.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

Although it sticks together, some of the tiny rock pieces  make their way on to the carpet and on to socks. You find yourself picking off individual pieces of rock for days after. Tip – if you’re precious about your floor or carpet then do this on a mat or in a tuff tray.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

The set comes with a few tools which you can use to create boulders and flatten. You can of course just roll the rock up into small balls but B really enjoyed using the mold. He liked using the rock crusher to flatten out the rock again and he enjoyed using the dump truck claw to grab the boulders.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

Our Rock Solid Verdict

B loves this and played with it for ages. It was a toy he wanted to go back to as well. He used other figures from his various Lego and Play Mobil sets and enjoyed creating construction scenes.

kinetic rock review crusher rock set

Beware though, this toy can get messy and the tiny bits of rock easily break away from the main clump and find their way on to the carpet.

I can see why kids would love Kinetic Rock but parents less so!

Have you tried Kinetic Rock? What was your verdict? You can pick up a copy here (affiliate link)

Our review of the Kinetic Rock Rock Crusher play set by Spin Master

Disclaimer: We were given a set of Kinetic Rock to try and review. B loved it! I had fun picking up tiny bits of rock. This post also includes an affiliate link.

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