World of Country Life, Exmouth – The Perfect All-Weather Attraction!

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Fun at World of Country Life, Exmouth

We just returned from our last holiday before the little guy starts school! Yes, that’s correct, my baby is no longer a baby. He’s a boy! And he starts school this week! I’m excited about a new chapter but I’m absolutely not excited about peak holidays.

Today on the blog we review World of Country Life which is just near Exmouth and literally outside the Devon Cliffs Haven site. We we’re invited to World of Country Life for the purpose of this review. We’ve been before when b was about 2 years old so we knew what to expect and were super excited to go again. Note, I’ve used a couple of my photos from our first trip to compliment the recent ones. You’ll notice b has shrunk!

World of Country Life Exmouth sign

What is World of Country Life?

World of Country Life is animal farm park, children’s playground and museum, all rolled in to one. There is so much to see and do, whatever the weather.

world of country life map of the site in devon

Once you enter the site through the gift shop, you go through to the inside exhibition. Here you find tractors, engines, wagons and various different farm equipment. B loves the steam trains which you’re allowed to sit on. Perfect photo opportunity.

world of country life map of the site in devon
Look how small he was!

There are a number of houses you can peak inside and explore. B enjoyed this little cottage. Although we did tell him we’d pop him in the stocks if he misbehaved!

World of Country Life indoor exhibition

There are a number of houses you can peak inside and explore too.

This little street reminded me of being on holiday when I was a kid. There are a number of houses you can peak inside and explore too.

When you exit the exhibit hall, the first stop is a soft play and bouncy castle. One thing I love about World of Country Life is that it really is a perfect all-weather attraction. There’s so much to see and do indoors if the weather is rubbish. And let’s be honest, it often is. We were lucky though and the day we went was glorious sunshine.

B wasn’t fussed on going in the soft play. Instead he wanted to explore the outside play areas. There are a number of playhouses the kids can explore, and a little train where you can sit and rest your legs. Even though the site was super busy, the play areas didn’t feel particularly crowded and B could go on everything he wanted to.There are a number of houses you can peak inside and explore too.

The adventure zone offers trampolines, swings and slides too.

world of country life exmouth tractor sandpit

Pirate Ship Fun

Check during the holidays as World of Country Life do a number of themed days. We were lucky enough to visit on a Pirate day! They had a live show on the pirate ship twice during the day and b enjoyed watching this with daddy. We were a bit late to the first one so they went in and I had a mooch in the sunshine. The pirate ship is another place to play if the weather is bad. It’s all undercover with loads of seating for the grown-ups. The ship sits on sand so little ones can climb or play in the sand.

world of country life exmouth pirate ship indoor play area

Next to the pirate ship, and outside is the Air Bouncer – a huge bouncy pillow. Lot’s of fun but made mummy feel dizzy! We stayed here and played for a while and b enjoyed the sandpits. Daddy and I picked up some cheesy chips from the pasty shack! Healthy!

Deer Train Safari Fun

One thing you must do if you’re new to World of Country Life is the Deer Train Safari. It does cost extra but it’s worth if you haven’t done anything like it before. Be sure to get your tickets when you arrive as it can get of country life deer train safari

It’s lovely to feed the deer from the train. And if you have a train mad child like ours, they will love it!

world of country life deer train safari

All-Weather Play

World of Country Life is really great if the weather is pants. There is a lot you can do and see undercover. We really enjoyed the various soft play areas and bouncy castles. And there are a few dotted around the park. This photo was taken in October last year. We pretty much had the whole park to ourselves. It was much busier when we went last week, but then it was still school holidays and the weather was fab!

world of country life indoor fun bouncy castle

We had more fun at the Raceway Indoor Cars! They cost a pound a ride and they go round quite a few times.

world of country life indoor fun cars

They do take the new pound coins. I was convinced they wouldn’t and an old pound coin got stuck. A few nudges and it was set free and worked fine. Panic over!

Time for Some Animal Fun!

After enjoying the racing cars and soft play, we headed over to the animal nursery. If you’re feeling a little thirsty after running around then there is a takeaway alongside the food barn. B loves the ice slushies so we picked up one of those here.

world of country life slushie farmer lees food barn

Goat Walking -Why Not?!

The absolute highlight for me and mr D and I is goat walking. When we visited World of Country life a couple of years ago, we really enjoyed walking one of the little goats. So this time we were really excited again. B wasn’t so keen and each time I mentioned it, he firmly said “no, I don’t want to”. And me being me dragged him off to walk his goat! And he loved it!

world of country life goat walking

You go wherever your goat takes you. They typically gather around the outside of their pen, hoovering up all the stray pellets.

world of country life goat walking
And they’re off!

Another huge plus is that you can get in with the goats and sheep in the pet centre. This is so much fun and the animals are super friendly. It’s funny watching people go in with feed. They literally get mobbed! Mind your buttons and any scarves too as the goats love nibbling these!

world of country life goat walking

world of country life goat walkingHave you been to World of Country Life? We’ve had some lovely days here and I’d definitely recommend it. There’s lots for little ones to do and I feel it offers a bit more than just a regular farm park. So many of the play areas are covered, making it ideal with the British weather. The exhibition hall is lovely and the Victorian street is nice to amble along with little ones. Be sure to check out the activities through the day too as you can bottle feed the animals, walk goats, enjoy a bird of prey display, and cheer on the ferrets as they race!

Don’t forget to pin this post for later if you’re off to Devon on your hols! We love Devon and have always enjoyed our holidays at Devon Cliffs!

world of country life exmouth devon (1)

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