Five Parenting Truths You Need to Know!

Five parenting truths you need to know when becoming a new parent motherhood

Five Blog Posts, Five Parenting Truths!

Today on the blog I share with you five posts that really talk about the reality of parenting. Sometimes social media gives the impression that everything is just peachy and we’re all having the time of our lives. Erm, it often is not the case. In these posts, I’m open and honest and lay bare all our ups and downs as parents. It isn’t always fun. Sure there are lovely times but there are really shitty times too.

Do you know what I mean?

And sometimes you have to laugh at them or you really would cry and crack up. Ok, maybe that’s just me?

Five parenting truths you need to know when becoming a new parent motherhood

The Reality of Baby’s First Christmas

Ah yeah this is a good one. Christmas. It’s supposed to be magical and lovely right. First up, I share with you a post that I wrote about our first Christmas as parents. I really thought it would be lovely. Instead it was awful and we spent the whole evening in A&E. You can read all about it here!

baby first christmas reality joys of parenting

Maternity Leave Expectation and Reality

Next I share with you what maternity leave was really like. It certainly wasn’t a year of Costa Coffee mornings and lunch with friends. Imagine hanging out your @ss with tiredness and spending most days feeding and changing nappies. Yep, I was longing for my desk. Read my year of fun here.

motherhood is tough selfie with baby and cat
We took a lot of Selfies!

Ups and Downs

This next post is a write up of why life isn’t picture perfect. I talk about some of the truths behind the me and b photos and what goes on behind the scenes. Powered by Red Bull pretty much – me not b!

Five parenting truths you need to know when becoming a new parent motherhood

Why we Bother Eating out with a Toddler

The next post I share is a post I wrote when we were in the deepest darkest depths of potty training. And god knows why we decided it was a good idea to go out to eat. I’d had it when I wrote this post! I never thought we’d eat out again. Read all about our pub mishaps here.

eating out with a child who turns into incredible hulk tantrums

Threenager Tears and Tantrums

This post was another rant post. We were in the thick of the f*ck you threes and we were feeling it. I was at the end of my tether. He was hitting, spitting, throwing, shouting. I felt helpless and at a loss for what to do. Yes I spoke to him bending down, at his level. Yes I tried not to raise my voice, yes we followed through, yes there were consequences! Argh!

Finally we are out of the threes and the fours…well they are much better I’m pleased to report. B seems much more agreeable and seems less frustrated with the world around him. We still have our moments but they are much shorter lived.

Can you resonate with these posts? Was it more terrible twos, f*ck you threes or the fearsome fours?

Five parenting truths you need to know when becoming a new parent motherhood

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  1. When I think of baby’s first Christmas I always think how much we go to town for something they haven’t got a clue about! I can def relate to the terrible two’s, 3’s luckily were better with our daughter. We’ll see what happens with our son! X

  2. I must say, I had a good chuckle! The point about going out with a little one made me smile because after preferring take away to going out for so many years now, on our recent holiday we went out as a family, with our 3 boys, aged 8 1/2, 5 1/2 and 3. We couldn’t believe it when a group of couples (in their 50s probably) on their way out, stopped by our table to tell us how amazing our boys were and said ‘well done’. I was so speechless I didn’t even know what to say – were they serious?!? Within 10 minutes of being there, we had already moved tables, told them off a million times for kicking my leg, played musical chairs around the table to make sure everyone was sitting where they wanted to be (and next to/away from who they wanted/didn’t want), and dropped a number of forks/knives etc. Ah, the joys! Great posts! Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

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