5 Blog Posts Every Working Mum Should Read!

Working Mum blog posts help with career and development

5 Blog Posts Every Working Mum Should Read!

I’m a working mum and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy (mostly!) working and I like the work life balance we have right now. I’ve written quite a few times on the blog about what it means to me to work and why I enjoy it. Today I share with you my five most-read blog posts all about working life. Even outside of work I love to learn and that’s part reason why I blog. I need it. It’s my own little project and it keeps my mind sane.

Working Mum blog posts help with career and development

Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave – 5 Things That Helped Me

Going back to work after a year off can be really tough emotionally. At first I didn’t overly enjoy maternity leave, but once I found a routine with b, I found myself dreading going back. In this blog post I write down five things that helped me prepare for the return. From using your keep in touch days to finding your routine, there are a few things that can help adjust.

6 Business and Marketing Blogs You Should Read

Next is a post I wrote purely to share some of the business orientated blogs I enjoy reading for my regular day job. I figured a lot of the information on them would be relevant to bloggers. Why not share that information?! You can take a look at some of my favourite business blogs here. Think SEO tips, social media marketing and web design.

Blog Posts Every Working Mum Should Read!

Why do Mummy and Daddy Bloggers Blog?

Next is a post which brings together over 40 bloggers and details why the actually blog! For me it’s always been about having something of my own. A little project that I can work on outside of my regular work. It’s given me so much more too, from days out to making new friends. You can read all the reasons why us bloggers blog here.

Reasons Why I Like Being a Working Mum

Next is a post I wrote about why I like being a working mum. There are pros and cons really but overall I’m pleased I work. I feel I can offer b so much more by working. And he truly enjoys nursery and has done for the 3 plus years he’s been there. You can read the full post and my seven reason here.

Blog Posts Every Working Mum Should Read!

Online Courses You Can Take for Free

And to finish this round up of work inspired posts, I share with you my experiences of online learning. There are so many free courses now which you can enrol on and do at your leisure. I did a few writing and marketing courses and then also some on nutrition and the body. There is literally something for everyone! You can take a read of my full write up here.

Did you go to work after maternity leave or did you chose to stay home? Perhaps you work from home? Hats off to those parents!

Working Mum blog posts help with career and development

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