Top 5 Blog Posts About Maternity and The Reality of Becoming a Parent!

Blog Posts About Maternity and First Time Parenting!

Blog Posts About Maternity Leave and First Time Parent Reality!

Today on the blog I’m sharing my top five blog posts all related to maternity leave and the reality of having a baby! These are some of my most viewed posts and they are my honest account of how it felt to become a mum. Those early days were tough going. I’m pleased to say that now he is four, I feel like we’re getting back to normal. Whatever that is and was.

Maternity Leave Expectation vs Reality

First up is a post that is my most viewed – Maternity Leave Expectation vs Reality. And the expectation was very different. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting it to be a bed of roses but it was much  harder than I imagined. I think the emotional adjustments to becoming a mum really took their toll. SO if you’re on maternity leave now or about to embark on it soon, take a read of how we got on here. If you’ve finished maternity leave, how did you find it? Share with me your thoughts in the comments!

Top 5 Blog Posts About Maternity and First Time Parenting!

9 Free Things to do on Maternity Leave

Next up is a post I wrote recently. I’ve been meaning to hit publish for ages and just never got round to finishing it. I put together nine things that you can do on maternity that are either free or very low cost. Think walks and taking advantage of your local stay and plays! Have a read here for more ideas on how not to splash the cash!

Maternity and Loneliness – 6 Things That Helped Me

The next post is an honest one about feeling lonely during maternity leave. I found a few things helped though and I share them in this post here.

Free Things to do on Maternity Leave RIGHT NOW!
We took a lot of Selfies!

Ups and Downs, Smiles and Frowns

This post was inspired after meeting up with my mum friends. They told me how life looked so perfect on the blog. I never intended to give that impression either. Life is full of ups and downs and I wrote this post to show some of the realities of being a mum, feeling guilty most of the bloody time, and sharing just how tiring it can all be!

I share a lot of our honest day to day crap and you can read all about it here.

Going Back to Work After Maternity – 5 Things that Helped

Heading back to work after a year off is a shocker! For some it can’t come too soon and for others…well it isn’t welcome! The reality for a lot of people these days though is that both parents need to work. It just isn’t doable on one salary. And also a lot of (typically) mums, want to go back to work. I know I did. hats of to the stay at home parent but it just isn’t me! So in this post I wrote down the things that helped me prep mentally for heading back to the workplace! You can read the ins and outs here!

Top 5 Blog Posts About Maternity and First Time Parenting!
It goes so fast!

So there we go, a little round up of my most-read maternity and parenting posts. Be sure to take a read, share and pin for later 🙂

Blog Posts About Maternity and First Time Parenting!

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  1. I’d love to go back and be a mum in say the 1950’s and see how they got on with a newborn without tech. I too became a selfie addict as I see many of my friends do. Because let’s face it, a dozen likes on facebook of your new little ball of adorableness totally distracts from the loneliness. I think communities used to be a lot closer and Mums cared about each other. It’s tough to find that these days and families don’t all live on the same street anymore.

    Great posts.

  2. It’s interesting how your blog was perceived by your friends, like it was all a bed of roses, when the reality can be so different! This is a great way of leading readers in for more – I like it! And, thanks for linking up, I hope we see you here again next time! #KCACOLS

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