Why do “Mummy” (and Daddy) Bloggers Blog?

why do parenting bloggers write about life online

Disclaimer: This post includes dads too! I’m not dadist.

The Rise of the Mummy Blogger – Why do Bloggers Blog?

Ah the mummy blogger. Love or loathe us, there are hundreds of us! And the trend for blogging about all things motherhood and parenting doesn’t look like it’s set to pass just yet. It seems mummy bloggers get a lot of negative press too these days, be it from the Daily Fail, forum mums and even (gasp!) other bloggers.

If you’re a Pinterest mum then you’re definitely putting in too much effort. You’re not a Pinterest mum? Well shame on you. It must be laziness. If you try and make healthy meals from scratch then you’re making way too much effort and have too much time on your hands. However, if you reach for fish fingers more than twice a week? Yep, it’s bordering on neglect. You get where I’m coming from ey.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

And if you open yourself up online then yes, there will be people who agree and disagree with your words, opinions, Pinterest wins and Pinterest fails.

So why do us “mummy and daddy” bloggers blog?!
Why do we feel the need to put our lives out there for everyone to see and read?

I’ve asked some amazing bloggers to share with me why they started blogging. And no, it isn’t because they have too much time on their  hands and only feed their kids fish fingers. For many it brings a sense of purpose amongst those baby days, which many of us find lonely and well, a bit boring (I know, I said it)…You can read my maternity expectation vs. reality here.

why do parenting bloggers write about life online


It seems a lot of us start blogging purely for something to do. I know this was the case for me. I’d had enough of watching back to back Netflix. And I was fed up of scrolling through Facebook just to pass some time.

“I was on bed rest from 16 weeks on my second. Lying in a hospital bed so bored, I just decided to go for it. It saved my sanity in these weeks. I began to really enjoy it and have kept it up.” Laura at The Mamma Fairy.

“I started because 3 months into motherhood I could feel my brain melting. I’ve always wanted to write for a living, so thought I’d give it a shot and even if no-one read it, I could use as a ‘portfolio’ for an attempt to break into freelance writing. 7 months or so later and it’s going fabulously (both the blog & the writing!). Brain restored!” Lucy at Muffin Top Mummy.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“I started blogging as I was bored with hubby working evenings and needed something to take my mind off of having had my last child. My blog is 4.5yrs old. I’ve met great people and had some amazing opportunities!” Jo at Sit Still Monkeys.

Maternity Loneliness

Now this I can really resonate with and I wrote about feeling lonely during maternity leave here. Why I waited two years to start a blog though is beyond me.

“I started mine when my daughter was 5 weeks old. I was bored and alone at home most days so decided to start a blog to write about her growing up as I was too tired to remember it all.” Kelly at Bringing up Georgia.

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Just me, b and the cat!

To Cope With What Life Throws at Us

Parenting is full of ups and downs and many bloggers write simply to get it all out there. As a way to process thoughts and feelings.

“As a way to help get over the horrific journey to getting my son better after he was diagnosed with 28 severe allergies, 8 of which are anaphylaxis inducing, life threatening! Not only was it cathartic, it also helped so many others on the same journey and continues to help others 3 years on! It’s also allowed me to have the perfect job, for which I am so incredibly grateful!” Nathalie at Intolerant Gorumand.

“I was going through a difficult time and was dealing with anxiety and depression. I found that blogging helped me to express my emotions in what feels like a safe environment to me.” Lucy  at Momma Mack.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“I went through a very traumatic time in early motherhood that resulted in my daughter having surgery at 5 weeks old. My mental health was so bad due to it all that I also required hospital treatment. I thought it would help me to write about it, but might also help others.” Laura at Autumns Mummy Blog.

“My daughter was in intensive care and nearly died and to keep me sane I made a film diary about it. As my day job was at BBC I was due to return to work but I couldn’t. So I made my video into a documentary for BBC left my dream job and started vlogging and blogging.” Sophie at Mama Mei.

The Modern Diary

I used to write diaries when I was a kid. I have about 20 notebooks upstairs with all my deepest, darkest childhood thoughts in. Cringe! I can see why the typical “diary” has now moved to online!

“Originally as a work-related hobby and a place to document my pregnancy. 4 years later it’s still going… just about! Helled at Yummy Blogger.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write
I really have a dairy from the 1980s that looks like this!

“I started it to record my grandson’s days with us. Now my children are grown up I realised that most of their childhood is just a blur.” Sally at Teddy Bears and Cardigans.

“I wanted to keep a memory of my experiences as I’m pretty bad at doing that normally! I got particularly frustrated with all the negative attitudes we had from other parents about having a child (the positives never got a look in!) so turned my blog to focus on the better side (we all know it’s not easy, but it doesn’t help to focus on the tough stuff!) of our experiences. I want expectant parents to relish what’s ahead of them. The title comes from the phrase I kept hearing before something negative got mentioned (tears, money worries, lack of sleep) so I’ve tried to turn that on its head.” Adam at You’ve Got All This to Come.

“My husband is in the military and worked away so I filled my evenings writing about my daughter and our family. As a way of documenting her growing up. I had no idea about the blogging community!” Lynsey at Mummy That’s Me.

“I always lose Paper things so I started it as an online diary so that I could keep my memories forever.” Maria at Happy Mummy.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

A Creative Outlet

This is certainly true for me. I love my blog because it is mine. If I want to write about parenting stuff, I do. If I want to write about a new piece of furniture I picked up at the car boot, I do!

“I started mine because I kept googling things and blogs always provided the answer. They inspired me. I had a hunch that I could do something similar. I’d always liked writing and I loved photography. But my day job just didn’t give me those opportunities. I could see that there was a strong community behind bloggers so when I was on mat leave I thought I would give it a go. I’m so pleased I did!” Jodie at Maidenhead Mum.

“To write. Topic irrelevant I just wanted to write anything.” Tracey at One Frazzled Mum.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“My blog is all about enjoying life with my family of boys in north east England and beyond. I started blogging as I love writing about where I live but my long term plan is to build it until I retire (quite a few years left yet though) so it can maybe provide an income but more importantly fill my life with lovely things to do once the boys have left home.” Debbie at My Boys Club.

“I initially needed a creative outlet, I had all these thoughts and experiences and nowhere to put them.” Renee at Close Enough to Kiss.

“I gave up my job as an Auctioneer to become a stay at home dad. I was writing property news in the local paper but it was all a bit serious for me. I loved the writing but not the subject. So I saw the change in lifestyle as a way to continue writing and document how the differences between men and women in this lifestyle choice. When things go wrong I see it as content.” Benny at Daddy Poppins.

Getting Through Those Early Baby Days!

I really wish I’d found blogging sooner!

“Needed to do something with my brain. Enjoyed writing. Spent a LOT of time awake feeding and on my phone. Thought it would be fun!” Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine.

“My first baby slept nowhere but me – so I needed something to occupy me whilst stuck under her – like an outlet! But also for the memories too.” Amy at The Smallest of Things.

why do parenting bloggers write about life online

To Inspire and Help Others

“I started my blog a few weeks ago, because I wanted to pull in all the ways we are partnering with nature in our parenting, home education and learning, our health, and loads more… I realised that all my passions had nature in common, and while I am no hippy, I wanted to show other parents how accessible nature is and why partnering with it is a great way to live and bring up children.” Sophie at Nature Mums.

“I started my blog to share my postpartum depression story with other mum’s with the hope of encouraging others to get help and know it’s ok it really does get easier.” Julie at Mummy It’s OK.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“A place to share my return to work, career and work-life balance tips and stories that anyone can access. I also wanted a place to shout loud about inspiring working parents to empower parents who were at a career cross roads.” Clara at The Balance Collective.

“I started mine for 2 reasons. One so I could document our miscarriage and fertility journey, helping others along the way. And the other to stop my brain turning to mush in those early baby days.” Jo at Miracle Max.

“I started my blog because people on MSE used to message me asking for help all the time (still do!) figured I might as well cash in on that! Then I continued my blog to help people and to have a creative outlet that I have grown to LOVE so much!” Katy at Katy Kicker.

To Share Our Stories

“Because I was sick of people telling me breastfeeding wasn’t supposed to hurt etc. I was really struggling and I needed an outlet. I wrote one post and it was like the floodgates opened.” Fi at A Mum Track Mind.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“I started my blog to raise awareness about the journey families face on the road to Autism diagnosis. It’s a lonely journey but now not one that I face alone with a whole new Autism community. I have helped many others by educating them and encouraging acceptance.” Becci at To Aufinity and Beyond.

“When we started the adoption journey I could only find really serious and sad stories of adoption we just wanted to share what a positive experience it was for us. Hard of course but isn’t parenting in general!” Alison at Instant Mum of Two.

People Said I Should!

“I had a very good friend of mine bully me into it! And I’m so happy and grateful that she did.” Vikki at Family Travel With Ellie.

“A few mums I knew locally suggested it. They said, with 6 kids and a farm I should have a blog or a channel 4 reality show!” Kate at Modern Mum.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“Because the mums at my baby massage group told me I should as I was so good at recommending products and where to buy them at the best price!” Alex at Lamb and Bear.

To Promote Your Business

And what a great way to do so! Pretty much everything is online these days and a good knowledge of the online and social media world is invaluable for anyone starting a business. There are still some great offline marketing opportunities to take advantage of too! I write about eight ideas for advertising offline here!

“I started mine to promote my book. We had a tough time with teething and I struggled to find a place with all the information so I thought I would write it myself! The blog was started to help with marketing the book and getting my name out there. It’s now 18 months on and the blog is still going and covering many more topics than just teething.” Emma at Emma Reed.

Me Time

I can resonate with this ALOT because it is one of the main reasons I started the blog. It was for me. My own little project.

“I started mine to write regularly and to carve a little bit of me back into my week.” Jo at Cup of Toast.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“To do something for me and gain a bit of identity back.” Lianne at Ankle Biters Adventures.

“I missed writing. I used to write all the time when I was younger and before I got married. Then life seemed to get in the way. My husband suggested I start the blog as a way of getting some of my old self back post kids. It was possibly the best idea he has ever had!” Kirsty at Winnettes.

New Opportunities

If you put in the hours and effort then yes, you can find some amazing opportunities through blogging. Like Nikki says below though, these are rarely ever “free”. The writing, editing, photography and social promo all take a lot of time and effort.

“I began my blog as a creative outlet for me. Also, I saw the potential in it for improving my family’s lifestyle by reviewing days out (and then hopefully being invited places – complimentary – to review). This has definitely happened, and we are invited to places to review them. I do put many hours of work into a review though so it is never ‘free’. I love doing it though and it has definitely improved our lifestyle.” Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders.

A Sense of Purpose

“I started my blog as a way to connect with others and to give myself some purpose other than mummy. I’m a stay at home mum, so life can be a bit lonely and feel like Groundhog Day, blogging is my escape.” Amy at Mama Mighalls.

“I started mine for an outlet and to get creative. Being a sahm I wanted another purpose apart from wife and mum and it’s been the best decision that I could have made.” Lynne at A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6.

5 Ways to Fiwhy do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers writend PR Contacts Online blogging tips for bloggers email addresses

“As my blog says: ‘This is my little escape from being a mum. It will be an escape from my normal day job as a primary school teacher. It is an escape from breast-feeding, nappy changing, washing, ironing and cooking. It is an escape from watching too much television. It is an escape from crocheting baby blankets or learning to cross stitch. It is hopefully going to kick-start my brain!” Laura at Boy Equation.

To Find Humour Amongst the Shitty Times

Yep, this was me during potty training. Hence this Poo Patrol take on Paw Patrol. It’s not even funny.

“Always loved writing and missed doing it! Also gave me a chance to turn the many, many stressful WTF moments of bringing up a small person into something that I could find some humour in – and hopefully others could too!” James at A Life Just Ordinary.

“To document the high jinx and hilariousness of our family….and our mini crazies!” Victoria at Parenting Peace and Quiet. why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

Friendship and Community

“I wanted to feel like part of a community. Since becoming a parent I felt lonely and one or two friends had blogs of their own and encouraged me to give it a try. I am so glad I did as my blog is 5 years old next month!” Carly at Mummy and the Chunks.

To Offer Advice and Support to Others

“We started blogging as we couldn’t believe the pressure and stress surrounding weaning your baby. We wanted to offer options, no judgement and a bit of light hearted fun from two mums that were pretty useless in the kitchen.” Claire at The Happy Weaner.

“I started my blog to let off steam about how I was feeling when our daughter came to live with us for keeps when she was 9 months old. I couldn’t find any blogs about parenting adopting children when we started the adoption process so also thought it might help others thinking about becoming adoptive parents.” Suzy at We Made a Wish.

Because we Simply Love Writing!

“I’ve always enjoyed writing and English language was my favourite subject in school. When I started back work part time I found that I had extra time on my hands so decided to give it a go!” Jenna at Then There Were Three.

why do mummy bloggers blog parenting bloggers write

“I was looking online for how to announce my pregnancy with my 3rd son and stumbled across an American site with forums and blogs etc. Son number 3 turned 14 this year and is now number 3 of 6 children!” Deborah at Country Heart and Home.

This is true for me. I’ve always been a writer. I always dreamed of writing a book and being published when I was younger. Now that’s not really going to happen but I have my own little space where I can write what I want, when I want.

Do you blog? Do you enjoy reading parenting blogs? Or are you bored to death of the “mummy” blog? Share with me your own experiences in the comments 🙂

why do parenting bloggers write about life online

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  1. Lots of interesting responses there. I’ve blogged on and off for a long time and my first blog was definitely about community – sharing life with a chronic illness. My current blog began as a diary of my medically complex pregnancy and has now evolved simply in to a way of recording our memories. It forces me to actually edit and sort photos for one thing! I’ve always been quite interested in why we *read* blogs as well though – I wrote a post about that once and curiosity about other people’s lives, and finding people like us, seemed to be a theme! #KCACOLS

  2. Love this post, I started because my brain was bored being home with two babies all day it just wasn’t cost effective to pay for two in childcare. However 2 years on I’m going back to work but the blog will still be carrying on its part of our family now #KCACOLS

  3. What a great post. Lot’s of answers, lots of reasons. I blog as therapy. Life is hard, and if I write it down, I can get it out. Some times it’s a way to make hard things more comical. Sometimes I vent. I never imagined it would be a way to make friends all over the world. That was pure serendipity! #KCACOLS xoxo

    • Thanks Lisa – it is a fab world isn’t it, the blogging world. I have another blog I use as therapy too. Fortunately I’ve had to write less there 🙂

  4. Wow so many different reasons! I blog to share my experiences of places I’ve been but I started many years ago as a place to document life and look back on as my kids grew up, I do occasionally look at my old blog and cringe though 🙂 #KCACOLS

  5. Awww I loved reading all these different reasons. Also made me realise the reason I started too. I love writing and loved the idea that this could be a way for me earn a living. Yet to see it happen but to be honest I don’t think I try hard enough.

    Fab post.

  6. For most of us it’s probably a combination of several of the mentioned reasons. There is rarely just one reason to blog. If it began with one reason, then other reasons probably came into play along the way. Otherwise nobody would continue putting in all this time and effort. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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