How to Prepare for an Alien Invasion! A Review of Alien Vision!

a review of alien vision night goggles infrared toy

Be a Super Hero with Alien Vision!

Aliens, guns, night vision goggles. A child’s dream right? And a parent’s, if it means b burns off some energy! Today on the blog we review “Alien Vision”, an interactive, single-player game which sees your child destroying aliens around the house or garden.

alien vision mission infrared review for children

The concept is super easy. You pop the goggles on, turn your infra-red gun on and go. Aliens appear in the goggles and you need to shoot them. If you get them, the score displayed on the end of the gun increases.

alien vision mission infrared review for children

Prepare for an Alien Invasion!

Before you go into battle, make sure you have enough batteries in the house. The goggles and the gun both take 3 AAA batteries. There’s nothing worse than realising you’re out of batteries and it all ending in tears and tantrums.

alien vision mission infrared review for children

Aim and Fire

As you navigate your home or garden, aliens will randomly pop up in the goggles, making it look like they are in front of you. Aim your gun and fire. Try and blast as many aliens as you can.

alien vision mission infrared review for children

You also get four alien themed cards which you can place around the room for your little one to find. If they shoot these successfully, they get extra points.

Hit or Miss?!

B loved playing with the gun. It makes blasting sounds and he enjoyed just roaming the house, pretending to fire anything. typically the cat. I’ve always been a bit wary about encouraging gun play but to be honest, when I’ve tried to avoid it in the past, he’d point and shoot a banana.

alien vision mission infrared review for children

The concept of Alien Vision is really good and I imagine virtual reality gaming being standard as b grows older. But in reality we found Alien Vision a bit hit and miss. The aliens don’t move. They appear and disappear in three positions in the goggles. So technically you could just sit on the sofa and shoot. You don’t really need to walk anywhere.

B enjoyed playing this in the garden though and pretending that aliens were hiding in the bushes and behind trees. You could easily take this out to the park or when having a walk through the woods. You never know what you might spot…

alien mission vision night goggles game review

I guess we aren’t aiming very well but none of us have scored a single point yet! Mum, Dad or B! It seems pretty difficult to actually get any points.

Final Thoughts

Alien Vision is aimed at age five years and over but B is four and was able to play this fine. The goggles are adjustable and he was able to wear them and fire the gun as intended. The concept is fun and b enjoys running around with the gun! You can pick up your own copy of Alien Vision online here.

a review of alien vision night goggles infrared toy

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Alien Vision to review. Thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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