Six Starting School Essentials!

back to school essentials and what to buy boy primary school age

Getting Ready to Start School!

It seems like only yesterday that we had little b. The years have flown by and he is now four and all set to start school in September. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Ask me in a few weeks time!

starting school essentials list and what to take buy

So today on me and b I share with you some of the things we’ve been buying to help us prepare for the big day! As per usual, it’s down to me to remember this stuff and get ourselves organised. It’s just another “list” to add to my pile of never ending lists. For more unorganized tips on how to keep disorganized, take a read here

I’m sure if you’re a seasoned school parent then you probably have a lot more to add to the list for me too! But here goes…

Starting School Essentials

Are some of these even “essentials”?

Name Tags

The amount of times I’ve been told to name literally everything b will take in to school…So I got my self sorted out with some name tags. Sticky ones that won’t come off in the wash. I don’t have time to faff on with ironing them on and sewing.

I was going to include a photo of the ones I got but I can’t find them! Massive mum-fail!

a lunch box

Although we plan to take advantage of the free school dinners, I imagine there will be plenty of times where b needs a lunch box. There are some fab designs out there to chose from and gone are the days of those bulky plastic ones we had in the 80s.

I really like these personalised ones from Bags of Love. Bags of Love are an online retailer that lets you customise pretty much anything you want with your own photographs. And by anything, I really mean a lot! From bags to books, and bedding to lunchboxes! We got the chance to try out some of the products and as you can see here, our lunchbox looks super cool. And no need for a bloody name tag. Just to note, the grainy looking lines are NOT on the actual lunchbox cover. I took a number of photos and they all made the images look grainy.

bags of love customised lunch boxes using photographs socila media

Of course, you don’t need to plaster it with images of your child. You could include pets, friends, family holidays, toys, whatever you want. I went for a mix of happy pictures which will remind b of home if he has any anxieties about starting school.

bags of love customised lunch boxes using photographs socila media

Pencil case

Does he need a pencil case? I have no idea to be honest. But again, if you want something that won’t get lost and requires zero sticky name lables, check out these super cute ones with Bags of Love.

bags of love customised lunch boxes using photographs socila media

Perfect for storing all those pens, pencils and novelty erasers in.

bags of love customized photos gifts

School uniform

This one is kind of an important one. I’ve got the bulk of it now I think. Although I still need to check what PE kit we need.

And I need shoes. But I don’t want to get them too early and then have b grow out of them within a week of the new term.


I guess this really is an essential to store all this “stuff” in. Do you remember picking your rucksack or bag for back to school when you were a kid? I used to get so excited about that bit!

lightweight coat

So my carboot bargain is this nearly new Hatley coat. It cost me a pound. It retails for £35. For more Carboot bargains, take a little look here.

back to school essentials and what to buy

Are you ready for school? Is your child just starting or are you a seasoned school parent? Be sure to share with me any tips please!

back to school essentials and what to buy boy primary school ageDisclaimer: We were sent the items from Bags of Love free of charge for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. Good write up for first term,being in retail I have noticed most backpacks and bags this year come with child’s name window,which is a novelty,parents think it’s good but beware,do you want anyone calling your child.

  2. First thing Mum said to my sister, don’t buy shoes too quick haha. My nephew is off to big school in Sept as well, not sure how I feel about it either, why can’t they stay toddler. Will probably see less of him as well 🙁 some good ideas there, the lunchbox looks really good, and will stand out in the crowd.. hopefully less chance of being mistaken for someone elses.

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