Big Beard Battle Game Review!

big beard battle shave grow snip fun board game

Big Beard Battle! Facial Hair Just Got Funny!

So b is four (birthday write up here!) and he loves anything that is silly. He loves talking about poo, he loves telling us he farted in the middle of the supermarket, and he thinks it’s funny to burp. Take this underpant game for example. Throw your pants about, learn your phonics. Winner winner.

Today on the blog we review a new board game which is super silly – Big Beard Battle. The aim of the game is simple, grow your beard faster than your opponents.

big beard battle game review toys children

How to Set up Big Beard

Before you play Big Beard Battle, you need to set a few things up. Each beard piece needs four Velcro dots, and the moustaches need to be assembled. It doesn’t take too long to do but it was easier doing it on my own before getting b involved. I just know Velcro dots would have ended up on the cat.

Once you’re dots are in place, you are ready to go.

big beard battle game review toys children
Ready, set, shave!

How to play

First up, each player picks a moustache. There are four in total; red, blue, green and yellow.

big beard battle game review toys children

Next, spread the beard pieces over the floor or table. Each player takes their turn to spin the wheel. Depending on where the spinner lands, will determine if you grow your beard or snip an opponents.

big beard battle game review toys children

You’ll need to make sure your memory is tip-top sharp because it isn’t simply a case of taking the coloured piece you see. You need to flip pieces over to win the beard piece on the reverse side. If the colour doesn’t match your moustache, you pop it back. So it’s in your interest to note if your opponents flip one of your coloured beard pieces over.

If you land on the scissors or shaver then snip off a beard piece from one of your opponents. Although this game is for two to four players, it works better with more than two, otherwise you only ever have one opponent to snip!

big beard battle game review toys children

What we liked

This game is quick to play and super silly. For these reasons, b enjoyed playing this.

It also includes the memory aspect, so it isn’t all just silliness!

big beard battle game review toys children

A bit confusing?

Although easy for an adult, b didn’t really get the concept of having to turn a card over to reveal his colour. He’d naturally go to just pick his coloured piece that was showing on top. And in the end I gave up trying to explain that it was the colour underneath which we were trying to find. We simply spun, picked a coloured piece and then I let b cut my beard.

The moustache piece also didn’t fit b well. It kept slipping down. We simply wore it like a necklace instead.

big beard battle game review toys children
Jerry was not impressed!

He also enjoyed shaving the cat!

Have you played Big Beard Battle? You can get a copy of the game here.

What is your favourite board game at the mo?

big beard battle board game review children family games fun

Disclaimer: We were sent Big Beard Battle for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest and all our own! This post contains affiliate links.


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