How to Get Sh*t Done the Unconventional Way…

life hacks and organization tips and tricks

The Me and B Guide to Getting Stuff Done

There are so many articles out there that talk about getting life organized and staying on top of things. Personally I know there are loads of things I can do to make life more organised, but to be honest, I’m just so tired come the evening and weekend. And don’t get me wrong, I am an organised person. If something needs sorting out, planning or scheduling, I am the go-to person for getting sh*t done in our house. I’ve just had it with planning how to plan!

life hacks and organization tips and tricks

The Disorganised Approach to Organisation

So what do I do to keep things in check? Caution, this advice goes against most things you may have read. But that’s the point right – it’s me and what works for our family tree.

1 – Ditch Meal Prep

First up, ditch the meal prep. It takes time, it takes effort and honestly, I feel like I spend more time planning meals than cooking and eating them. I end up putting pressure on myself to plan everything to the nth degree.

I much prefer to do smaller shops and pick up things as and when we need them. It isn’t out of my way either as b’s nursery is next door to our local supermarket. You can read about why we picked this nursery here – supermarket location 😉

Now don’t get me wrong, I do some planning but this literally means opening the fridge, freezer and cupboards, and then noting down what I need and some general meal ideas.

how to organize life productivity hacks

2 – Eat Simple

This ties into the above – eat simple. And by that I don’t mean it has to be junk and ready meals. But if you’re busy with life, why pressure yourself to slave away making a curry from scratch on a Monday after work?!

I don’t know about you but whenever I try a dish with more than five ingredients, with names I cannot pronounce, it typically takes an age to make and tastes like sh*t.

We eat pretty simple in the week – jacket potatoes with cheese, beans and salad. Omelettes and salad, pizza and salad, fresh pasta bake and salad.

You get the idea?

These dishes are simple to make and can still be nutritious with a tiny bit of planning. Typically at the weekend and on a Friday I get time to try out new recipes or something more time to organize life productivity hacks

3 – Overnight oats Not Done Overnight

I’ve never been good at breakfast. You can take a look at what my go-to is in this post. The shame. Recently a friend got me in to overnight oats. And after some mishaps, I found they actually absorb moisture and go soft while on my commute. So if I forget to make them the night before, they still work well in the morning.

I mix a yogurt with some oats and then top with some fruit. Doing this has really helped in terms of getting a good breakfast and eliminating cereal bars.

4 – Multitask like a boss

Use time wisely. By this I mean multitask and double up where and when it is safe to do so.

So for example, I love learning. I typically listen to podcasts about marketing and SEO in the car using Bluetooth. I do the same if I walk on my lunch break. I don’t always listen to marketing podcasts though and I love Serial and murder ones. Take a read here of podcasts I like.

how to organize life productivity hacks

For other tips on making the most of a lunch break, take a read here too.

In terms of using time wisely, do the same when it comes to exercise. Take a walk at lunch, park your car a little further away from the supermarket front door. It all adds up right?

5 – Order Heavy stuff online

Now I said above I typically do smaller shops. One thing I hate is lugging heavy stuff back to the car and then into the house. So next tip, order heavy stuff online and get it delivered. This works really well with ASDA if you find a £1 time slot. Typical things I get delivered – large packs of sparkling water, cat food, washing powder, toilet rolls (the big packs) and drinks.

6 – Make Lists

This one is obvious but make lists – for everything. Shopping lists, to-do lists, work lists, home lists, packing lists. The list is endless.

how to organize life productivity hacks

Keep a pen and paper around the house and write stuff down. I only remember things because I make a note of them. Use your Outlook calendar, your phone calendar or download Trello to sort your life.

7 – Delegate

Once you have your lists done, delegate tasks to family members. If mr D tells me he’s bored, I whip out a list of jobs.

So there you have it, the me and b disorganised life! What helps you keep on top of life during the week?! Goodness knows what will happen when the little man starts school. More lists.

life hacks and organization tips and tricks


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