Is There Such a Thing as Adult Homesickness? 5 Things That Being Away from Home Teaches Me!

travelling for work homesickness family children working moms mums

Travelling for work and missing home

Goodness, where did the last ten days go. It seems like yesterday that I was in the USA and enjoying the warm sunshine in San Jose, California. And now I’m back home, to the harsh reality of the British weather!

british weather rain

As much I love travel, I really enjoy the time I have at home now. I guess that’s what having a child does to you! I stressed quite a lot about travelling this time. Maybe because the husband was still wobbly with his achilles injury. Or maybe because every time I do travel, something goes tits up.

May 2015, b gets chickenpox.

September 2016, mr D has a migraine the second my plane takes off. He doesn’t just get a “bad headache” by the way. These migraines are savage and they mean he literally can’t really talk or walk. He certainly wasn’t able to look after b that day.

working away from your family homesickness

Anyway so yes, I was worried about being away. And now I’m home, I regret that I didn’t relax and enjoy my time away more. Never bloody happy. Being away from home does teach me a few things though, and today on me and b, I will share those with you.

travelling for work homesickness family children working moms mums

1 – Absence really does make the heart grow fonder

Ah an age old saying but it’s so true. Being away from your routine and comforts really does make you realise what you have at home. It can be super easy to take things for granted, be it your relationship with your partner or child or your home comforts. But taking time away and reflecting on what you have can really help.

working away from your family homesickness

If you’re unable to travel with work then think about what you can do in the normal day to day drudgery to take some time out. A shower, a quick walk. Make time for you.

2 – Being away is great for increasing self-confidence

Being away from the security and protection of my family and friends reminds me that I am a confident person and I can cope with what life throws at me. Sometimes it is too easy to rely on others or fall back to your default position. Being away means I need to get sh*t done because no one else will. I need to check-in, board my plane, keep occupied for 11 hours, make sure I get to the hotel ok, and ultimately work away for a week. I always return home feeling much more self-confident than when I left.

working away from your family homesickness
So far away!

3 – Travel makes me focus on the NOW

Being so far from home can bring on feelings of loneliness and homesickness. It’s easy to dwell on the past and look back to the life you just left behind, albeit temporarily! Travelling always makes me focus on what is going on right now.

4 – I can cope just fine on my own

Now I’m not saying I don’t need people in my life. I’m incredibly sociable. But I can get on just fine if I am on my own. I literally have so much to occupy my mind and it’s great to have the time to focus on things that don’t include food shops, washing and cleaning. working away from your family homesickness coping alone

5 – Travel makes me appreciate the small things

Yeah it seems fun and glamorous to jet off half way around the world. But in reality I miss my son terribly and I always find the transition, in terms of time, really tough on my body.

Travelling always makes me realise that the small things are what matter in life. Snuggling on the sofa on a rainy sunday afternoon, watching films, taking a walk in the park. I don’t need to fly off around the world to enjoy these small things either. Travel always resets my “the grass isn’t always greener” mind-set.

adult homesickness working mum moms away from home

Do you travel with work or spend prolonged periods of time away from home? Do you feel “homesick” sometimes? Or do you enjoy the peace and quiet that travelling alone can bring?!

travelling for work homesickness family children working moms mums

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