Silly Spaghetti Fork Spinning Fun and Giveaway!

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Silly Spaghetti Fun for the Whole Family!

So the boy is now four and he’s actually starting to like playing with board games and puzzles. He’s never been fussed in the past and prefers digging, running and doing stereotypical “boy” stuff. Now that his attention span seems to be longer than 20 seconds, we’ve actually enjoyed playing a few games together. And playing properly. Not just throwing the pieces here, there and everywhere.

Today on the blog I’m giving you our honest review of a game I recently was asked to try – Silly Spaghetti by Paul Lamond Games. I am also excited to announce we will be giving away a copy of this game to one lucky winner! Enter below by leaving a comment on the blog.

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So what is Silly Spaghetti?

silly spaghetti paul lamond

Silly Spaghetti is designed for 2-4 players and the aim is to untangle your spaghetti the quickest, by wrapping it round your fork.

silly spaghetti paul lamond games for children

There is a play board and little pegs, each decorated with various toppings. So mushrooms, peppers, meatballs, onions and tomatoes. To set up a game of Silly Spaghetti only takes a few minutes. You basically plop your spaghetti strings on the board and push the toppings into the holes.

See? Easy.

top family board games uk children kids toddlers

Each player then winds their fork to pull the spaghetti strings taut.. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and removes whichever topping the dice shows. If you role a star, you can choose any topping. The aim is remove toppings which will free your spaghetti, allowing you to spin it around your fork.

top family board games uk children kids toddlers
Stop winding b!

By removing a topping, you might free up your spaghetti….but beware, you might free up your opponent’s spaghetti too! So it does take a little bit of thought as to which topping is best to remove.

top family board games uk children kids toddlers

The game is just the right length to keep b interested and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. B also got to play with his cousin, I, who is 6. She absolutely loved it and was able to think a bit more about which topping to remove so as to not free up b’s spaghetti.

What we loved

We haven’t played anything like this before! The idea is unique and the board is bright, vibrant and easy to set up. The concept is super simple and this makes it perfect for little ones.

The board is sturdy, good quality and the forks are easy to twist.

top family board games uk children kids toddlers

It has the potential to be a game we will get out for years to come because it really was a lot of fun! I can see b playing it when he gets a little older and really thinking about which topping to remove.

Perfect for all ages

We also played with our six year old niece and she loved it. Because it is a bit different, it worked really well for both B and I. Although there is a couple of years between them, they were able to play this game well together with minimal cousin fisticuffs!

The game states from age 4+. I think this is a fair age to recommend. B is only just four and enjoyed this game. Although there was still the opportunity for him to be silly…

top family board games uk children kids toddlers

As adults, we also enjoyed playing to. It will def be coming along with us on our next UK break…because when doesn’t it rain right.

What didn’t work so well

The strings have the potential to actually get tangled up if you don’t pack the game away properly. So take a few minutes to make sure your spaghetti is wrapped around the forks properly.

When winding, b sometimes continued even though the string had tightened. Doing this made some of the toppings fly out. Basically we had to say a few times to stop winding. I think he enjoyed pinging the toppings off though. And this is what my four year old little dude is typically like when it comes to playing games. So the fact we actually got a few “proper” games in was a result!

top family board games uk children kids toddlers

Silly Spaghetti is a Winner in Our Home!

What’s not to like?! This is a fun game which the whole family can enjoy. You can pick up a copy here or be sure to enter our competition here to be in with a chance of winning. You need to be based in the UK and the closing date is August 31st. Good Luck!

silly spaghetti paul lamond games for children family board games uk

Disclaimer: We were given a copy of Silly Spaghetti to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own. We genuinely loved this game!


  1. As a family we love Battleships! Can’t get enough of that game have never lost the exciting feeling when you sink someone else’s ship!!!

    As a kid I had a spaghetti game just like this and it was called “ready steady spaghetti” it was great fun to play! I would love to try playing this version with my kids!!

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