Working Away From Home When You Have a Child

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Working away from home and missing my boy

Soppy post alert I’m afraid peeps. This isn’t helpful, useful or in anyway interesting. If you fancy something less emotional, perhaps try this holiday write up instead!

July 17th 2017

Today I fly 5300 miles from my boy. London to San Jose in California. Most people jump at the chance but I’ve done it quite a few times now and although I love going out there, I am gonna miss my boy so bloody much.

working away from home america BA

It feels a bit different now. In the past when I travelled for work, I actually quite enjoyed a bit of a break. I know right? Mum guilt and all.

But it was nice to have some me time, an air conditioned hotel room, complete with crisp white sheets and zero interruptions. And meals out! Meals, in a bar or restaurant with adult convo! Nothing like this eating out fiasco!


But this time feels very different. I’d give anything to be woken five times a night just for cuddles and the thought of a happy meal in maccy ds is just fine by me.

My boy isn’t a baby anymore

I’m being silly I know but b has changed so much since last September, the last time I was away for over a week. He has grown so much emotionally and physically. We’ve had so much change. Dad snapped his achilles in April and that’s been a pain in the ass. Well foot really but hey. And it’s definitely had an impact on b. He’s been my little cling on. He’s realised that mummy can carry, mummy can run, mummy can swim, mummy can play. All of a sudden Daddy is relegated to the downtime bits with b.

We’ve also had lots of chatter about school. Intro days, meet and greets, assembly practice at nursery and school uniform fun. It’s a lot of change for a four year old.

Miles away!

And now mummy is flying 5300 miles away. For a whole week.

working away from home america BA

I know I need to get a grip, enjoy it and make the most of the me time. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues and I’m looking forward to catching up with some, I now call friends.

I need to reread the post I wrote last year about coping while away from home and family!

July 18th 2017

Ok so update. I’m here. Yes I miss b but I’m busy and I have lots of things to keep my mind from worrying. I’ve had updates from the hubby and friends. It seems like b is happy! Which means mummy is happy.

working away from home america BA

A tip though people, if you’re flying and don’t want to start bawling like a baby next to your fellow passengers then do not watch the film LION. I made the mistake of putting this on and oh my goodness, it was such a sad film. It is based on a true story about a five year old boy who gets “lost” in India. He ends up adopted by an Australian couple and then embarks on a journey to try and find his mum – 25 years later. Thankfully cabin lights were dimmed!

Have you spent time away from your child? I thought it would get easier as he gets older but this isn’t the case. The reality is that he is this little person with thoughts, feelings and emotions. And he is very much like his mum.

working away from home america BA (1)

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