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kiddicone review price contents

Our Kiddicone Unboxing!

I honestly can’t believe where the time has gone. Maternity leave seems years ago. And, well that’s because it was. Little b isn’t so little anymore and he recently celebrated his fourth birthday. My baby boy, all grown up.

September 2017 is the month that b starts school. He starts in reception and will be there full time from mid-September. It’s going to be really odd and I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for the change, never mind b.

So when we were invited to review a Kiddicone to celebrate starting school, I was excited! It presented an opportunity to feel positive about school and to get b excited about starting too!

Check out our little unboxing video here! Note, I made him swap the lolly for Haribo!

A Kiddi-What?!

The concept of the school cone originates from Germany. The German word “Schultüte” literally meaning school bag or cone. I lived in Germany for a year and studied German at university so I am somewhat familiar with German traditions. I remember waking up to sweet-filled shoes on December 6th!

A Pirate Themed Cone Full of Treats!

The Kiddicone I picked for b is pirate themed and the contents reflect that too. B loves anything pirate-related at the moment so I knew this would be perfect for him. They have loads of different themes to choose from – fairies, dinosaurs, diggers, princesses and farm animals.

kiddicone review price contents

The hexagonally shaped container is brightly coloured and made of sturdy card. It is filled with treats such as stationery, books, toys, and sweets. At the top, there is blue netting to keep everything safely tucked inside. The cone is delivered in a HUGE box and this in itself was super exciting for b!

First Day Nerves

The idea of the cone is to celebrate your child’s first day at school and hopefully dissipate any nerves. Once you’re finished with the contents, the cone can be kept as a keepsake or mounted on a bedroom wall. To be honest, b was more interested in wearing it!

kiddicone school cone starting school gifts for kids

Primary School Woes

I don’t really remember my first day of school but I do remember primary school in that I hated it. It was a traumatic time for me really and I didn’t enjoy it for various reasons. I really want b’s time at school to be happy and not something he dreads. I want him to enjoy school and have fun while learning. It was nice to present him with a little gift and explain that it was because he is due to start school.

We had the second induction day at school this week. It’s only an hour but b told me before that he didn’t want to go without me. My heart breaks a tiny bit when I hear him say that. I’m pleased to say the visit actually went better than I expected and he came running out, all smiles afterward!


So what did we get in our Kiddicone?

kiddicone school cone starting school gifts for kids

The contents of our Kiddicone included:

•Sistema Blue Twist and Sip Water Bottle – it’s actually really good quality.
•Crayola Pack of 12 Colouring Pencils
•Crayola Pack of 24 Crayons
•Wooden YoYo
•Play Dough with Shape Cutters
•Skipping Rope
•Glow in the Dark Bouncy Ball
•Scrap Book to record School Memories and Achievements
•Pirates Activity Book with Stickers
•Pirate and Dinosaur Keyring – I’m guessing this should have just been a pirate one but b loves dinosaurs too so it was an extra bonus!
•Bubble Wand
•Pencil with Novelty Pirate Eraser Topper
•Pack of Kleenex Tissues – for the mums ey 😉
•Treat size Raisins, Haribo and Cadburys chocolate buttons
•Matching Blue Ribbon to secure contents

What we loved about the Kiddicone

I absolutely love the concept. I know it seems every day of the year has some sort of purchase associated with it but I like the idea of giving a treat to mark the start of school. It’s a big deal!

The cones are great quality, bright and a good size to stuff full of goodies. And they are so big! I really didn’t expect them to be as big as they were.

B was really excited to open the cone and see what was inside. His excitement reminded me of Christmas – in the middle of summer!

I love that there are plenty of gifts to encourage active play – so the skipping rope, a ball, bubbles, and yo-yo.

I love the branded crayons and pencils. Perfect for starting school and you can’t have enough really.

The Sistema drink bottle is really good quality. I want to buy some more!

kiddicone school cone starting school gifts for kids

What we didn’t love about the Kiddicone

I thought there were too many sweets. And lollipops. I have a hatred of lollies. Purely from an “I’m overly worried the hard ball will come off and get lodged in my child’s throat” standpoint. So yes, maybe it is just me but I wasn’t fussed with the lollies. They disappeared.

B was most interested in the sweets and treats. Which is fine but when presented with quite a few at once, he wants them all and has zero interest in anything else. I’d like to see some healthier alternatives. There are so many on the market these days too from fruit sticks and dried snacks like apple and veggie chips.

It would be great to see more items directly related to school – perhaps a pencil case, a ruler, name tags, a lunch box etc.

A filled cone will set you back £37.95. Starting school is already a pricey time, what with uniform and shoes. I think there would need to be a few more activity type or craft items to justify the cost. Otherwise, you can always pick up an empty cone and fill it yourself!

Our Verdict

The Kiddicone is a lovely idea to mark such a special day for parents and children! Although they are pricey, b genuinely enjoyed rummaging through the contents.

Have you heard of a Kiddicone before? How do you mark your child’s first day at school?!

kiddicone review price contents

Disclaimer: We were sent a Kiddicone to review. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own 🙂 We genuinely had fun unboxing this mammoth cone!


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