Snapping the Achilles Heel. Are There Any Pros?!

experience snapping achilles heel recovery time healing

Taking the positives from a snapped Achilles!

This is not a useful post. I apologise in advance. Instead it is an attempt to make light of my husband being a complete d*ck.

Back in April he decided to join a local basketball team and get fit. Yep, 36 is not the time to decide that you want to be an NBA star. He promptly snapped his Achilles. And what has since resulted is the following: a cancelled holiday, cancelled day trips, whinging, moaning, grumbling. And that was just me.

snapping achilles heel experiences rupture living dealing coping with it

To say I was pissed off at first is an understatement. I was fuming. We are eight weeks in though and I’ve finally come to terms with it. It happened, it’s ok and we can get on and manage.

Coming to terms with the change in routine

I found it really hard going at first because mr D is really hands on when it comes to helping around the house and taking care of b. He’s got a great bath, book and bed routine going on and he’s great at putting a pizza in and juggling microwave curry timings. He is also very good at mowing the lawn and putting the bins and recycling boxes out.

snapping achilles heel experiences rupture living dealing coping with it

All of this has landed on me. And I’m not overly enjoying these new responsibilities. Cutting the grass is really tiring and I find emptying the grass collector the hardest. I’ve also had to do a few runs to the tip to clear space in our garage for new bathroom furniture. It stinks down there!

Anyways the point of the post today is not to rant on but to take the positives. To find those silver linings. They are very much tongue-in-cheek! And I’ve enlisted the help of some other bloggers too – enjoy!

Less Socks to wash

Yes, that’s correct. I’ve had less socks to wash, dry and put away. Bonus. Seven per week as opposed to 14.

snapping achilles heel experiences rupture living dealing coping with it

Getting to Hear B say Crunches

Instead of crutches. It is just the cutest little noise, every time he states that daddy is on crunches. Love it!

Finding my strength physically

I rely on J a lot. And recently I haven’t been able to. Not having him be able to do all the heavy lifting has taught me that I can do it myself. Hauling an old Dyson in to the tip – no problem. Mowing the grass – done. Carrying an old garden bench round to the garage – got it. I’ve done so many jobs and bits and bobs around the house which I’d typically not even bother to try and do.

Finding my strength emotionally

The second night after J snapped his Achilles, b decided to puke all night. I’m not great with ill situations but I had to be. J could only crawl along the landing. B needed me, right then, right there. And I was.

No Work Shirts to Iron

Not that I ever ironed his work shirts but they’d clog up the wardrobe, waiting to be ironed. This hasn’t been a problem. He’s been working from home.

save water

Jen from Just Average Jen states, “My son had both Achilles cut for his operation in December. It saves water as he couldn’t have a proper bath for 6 weeks lol!”

We’ve saved money on petrol

Mr d is working from home and if he goes to the office, I drive him and pick him up as it’s on the way to my work.

We’ve saved money

Yep – no holiday, no days out and no more trips to Game for Xbox stuff.

snapping achilles heel experiences rupture living dealing coping with it

We got fed!

Tracey at One Frazzled Mum says “My daughter was ill last year and ended up in hospital (nothing drastically serious, more for precaution). On the plus side no early morning school runs and we both got fed 3 meals a day with no cooking or cleaning up afterwards!”

Watching B run off with the crutches

I know, I know, it’s a bit mean but it’s hilarious too!

Me and B time

I know it sounds silly but b and I have really had a chance to do things together more! In the past, things like swimming and park trips would fall on mr d. When we went to Ladram Bay and Cofton Holiday Park recently, it was me who went swimming. It was me that went on walks and had fun in the soft play. Mr D often assumes those roles, wanting to give me some downtime. But I’ve loved the extra bonding time with b.

And finally a positive from Nicola at The Mummy Monster who has been stuck in a boot for a while now – “One positive, I can poke my son from a distance with my crutch when he is being a pickle!!!”

So there you go, it isn’t all shits is it. Actually it’s been far from it. Given what awful news we’ve had in general over the past few months, I can take a ruptured Achilles. We are managing, we are getting through. And we have some amazing friends and family who have helped out. We are very lucky really. Here’s to recovery and the hubby walking again soon.

experience snapping achilles heel recovery time healing

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