How to Save a Fortune Buying Second Hand for Baby!

How to Save a Fortune Buying Second Hand for Baby!

Buying Second Hand for Baby – My Thoughts

When I fell pregnant with the little man, I was adamant that I didn’t want to be one of these parents that forks out a small mortgage to fund their newborn. I get that it’s nice to buy new stuff and all but I didn’t want to go crazy and end up paying off newborn impulse purchase credit card debt five years later.

For that reason we decided to buy a lot of things second hand for bubba. You can take a nose at my top 5 essential purchases here, and my top 5 useless purchases here!

Today on the blog I share with you a few of our hits (and misses) when it comes to buying second hand. It’s difficult not to buy new stuff though and I totally get that. When you’re excited about your new arrival and hormones are raging, it can be tough not to splash the cash in the aisles. But trust me, if you want to save some money then here are some of my lessons learned…

How to Save a Fortune Buying Second Hand for Baby! (3)

The Pram

Bloody hell. When I started looking at prams and the ins and outs of how they vary, I used to get a head ache. Reading about prams was not something I was interested in. And yet, in hindsight I wish I had taken an interest because it’s more than six months of days out where you need this blinking monstrosity.

To say I hated the pram is an understatement. And not because we picked the wrong pram or got it on eBay, but because I felt awkward pushing it around. I felt like a massive inconvenience when shops clearly didn’t cater for prams and babies :/ And it’s a massive pain in the arse when you go somewhere and can’t take a pram in. Restaurants are also a pain. And mum meet ups in Costa…don’t even get me started.

I just found the pram a real pain in the ass.

which pram should i buy newborn baby mothercare my4

We purchased our pram, the Mothercare my4, on eBay. We started exploring prams in Mothercare, and, at the time, Kiddicare. Our local one went out of business though and is now a huge B&M – which suits me just fine haha.

Basically, if you’re not fussed on buying second hand, go and try out your pram in one of the in-store showrooms (aka Mothercare/Kiddicare) and then buy it cheaper somewhere else.

We got a bargain –  a carry cot, a frame that held the maxi-cosi car seat and a seat which you could have position facing towards or away from you. All for less than a hundred quid. The great thing about this pram too was that it fit into the boot with minimal faff.

The things I disliked – it was a pram. It was bulky, it was an eyesore and it represented everything I struggled to come to terms with – that I was a mother. You can read more about my maternity woes here.


I can’t stress enough…don’t waste money on countless toys!


Because people will buy you them and baby will prefer to play with your car keys.


If I totalled up the obscene amount of money I wasted on Amazon on bloody toys, it would run into the hundreds. And I don’t even feel I went mad to be honest. We actually got a lot of good toys from car boot sales. You can read a bit more here on this. We got ourselves the Fisher Price Zebra Jumper thingy-majiggy. We picked up loads of ELC wooden shape and transport games. Of which b played with maybe three times?! And we picked up a gazillion “that’s not my…” books for 50p here and there at the car boots.

Why You Should Shop at a Car Boot Sale This Summer! toys and games for kids
We did not buy the cat 😉

You also don’t need loads of toys when they are young because there are loads of silly things you can do with cardboard boxes and the like. Take a read here for inspiration!

link to free inside things to do -cardboard box video – upload videos to youtube


I was really fortunate to have a sister who’d had two boys and had a lot of beautiful Next baby and toddler clothes going spare.

Honestly, don’t go mad with the clothes. Before b was born, I became a bit obsessed with buying newborn clothes. So much so, I had a wardrobe full of Winnie the Pooh and cute lamb stuff. When b arrived, it was the height of summer and he lived in just a nappy for a few months! All these clothes were returned and swapped or exchanged.

Moral of the story? Wait!

which pram should i buy newborn baby mothercare my4

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are absolutely awesome. But they cost a small fortune brand new. I did get a few new ones and then I got some others on eBay. They hold their value so if you do buy new and want to make back half of what you paid later, sell them later on eBay.

What tips and tricks do you have for buying second hand for a baby? Do you buy second hand or do you prefer everything to be brand new?

How to Save a Fortune Buying Second Hand for Baby!

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  1. Yes to all of this! Since I resigned from my day job in favour of being a SAHM to my then 9 month old Son (he is 16 months now) money has been very tight and have managed to make huge savings by purchasing items second hand. I am also very fortunate that a few friends have boys slightly older than my Son so got passed on some lovely hardly worn Next, Joules, Gap, F&F and Frugi clothes. #KCACOLS

  2. I bought most of our things second hand. I got some fantastic bargains. Just like you said, there is no need to remortgage the house for a baby who is going to be more than happy in your arms! Thanks for the post x #KCACOLS

  3. I buy so much second hand now. It wasn’t always that way though, when I had my first boy I wanted everything new and it was alot down to pride and honestly not knowing any better really. I learnt alot by the time my second came along:)
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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