Feeding the Birds with Boxwild Gift Boxes!

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Feeding the Birds with Boxwild!

I’ve always felt a bit guilty coercing birds to the garden with food when I know full well that we have four cats. I remember as a child the cats would bring in birds and it upset me. Fortunately our cats now are so stupid that I doubt very much they’d be able to catch a bird. You just have to read here to see what our cats get up to!

We are also lucky to have lots of tall trees and plenty of shrubs in our garden at the new house. I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since we moved! Our new garden provides much more cover for birds if they plan to visit.

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

And they have!

We actually have a blackbird family who I “think” are nesting in a huge bush at the back of the garden. The mum comes down each morning to peck worms from the lawn. We pop out seeds in a feeder and we hang coconut shells.

When we were invited to try out a Boxwild gift box, I was actually really excited to feed the birds! And b was as well! He watches the blackbirds every morning and enjoys seeing them come and go through the day.

A bit about Boxwild

Boxwild is a wildlife gift box company, selling gift boxes for bird and wildlife lovers. If you have a dad that loves feeding and watching the birds then these would make lovely gifts for Father’s Day.

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review
What a lush gift to get in the post!

Boxwild hand-blend all their seed mixes and donate to wildlife charities with each box sold. So it’s win win really! We tried out the Bird Feeder Gift Box and 50p was donated to a wildlife charity. You can read all about the charities Boxwild support here.

First Impressions

As you can see from the photos, our Boxwild gift box is just beautiful. Now I’ve used a stock photo only because my original pic was just awful! Here, so for yourself. I thought the evening sunlight would be nice but it throws shadows everywhere.

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

We received three different blends of bird seed, a feeder, a scoop and another cute feeder. The packaging is colourful and the filling in the box can be added to fat ball holders, to provide nesting materials for birds! I would never have thought to do that!

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

Feeding our Birds

We filled up our feeder with the All Seasons Blend and I popped seed into a second feeder we had as well. We love feeding the birds but we’ve neglected them what with the hubby on crutches. Refilling the seed feeder is usually mr d’s job!

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

I managed to climb onto one of the garden chairs and hang them up. With any luck, our blackbird family will love these. The All Seasons Blend combines a mix of 11 seeds and should attract robins, sparrows and blackbirds.

The perfect gift for wildlife lovers

If you want to encourage wildlife into your garden, no matter how big or small, then the Boxwild sets make ideal gifts. If you’re stuck for something this Father’s Day then check out the website here!

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

Do you enjoy feeding the birds in your garden? Have you tried any of the Boxwild gifts? They do a range of seed for birds but also food to attract hedgehogs! You can buy one-off gifts or subscribe to a feed subscription box. Perfect if you’re stuck for gift ideas!

boxwild gifts for wildlife lovers review

Disclaimer: We were given a Boxwild Gift Box to review. All opinions are my own and honest.



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  1. This is a great idea. My daughter is obsessed with birds, more chasing them than feeding them but she loves them. We’ve also got lots of trees in and around our garden so we should really get something to encourage and feed them.

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