When Life Throws You Lemons…What Do You Do?

keeping positive when life throws you lemons and curveballs achilles heel recovery

When life throws you lemons…

What do you do? Yes yes, make lemonade, possets, drizzle cake. But that isn’t really what I fancy doing at the moment. In fact I haven’t felt like doing much for a few weeks now. And I’m really really trying to keep positive. We’ve been thrown a curve ball and I’m finding it hard to adjust to the change. And I’d been so positive just a few weeks before!

It should be a temporary change but all of a sudden, life as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore. And I know there are so many people in the world going through life crap that puts my woes to shame –but right now I’m feeling sorry for myself.

keeping positive when life throws lemons


A few weeks ago the hubby snapped his achilles while playing basketball. He’d only been to two practice sessions and then it happened. I don’t think I really grasped how much it would impact life at first. I figured he’d hurt himself and he’d be ok.

But when you snap the achilles, it takes a bloody long time to heal. It’s that huge tendon at the back of your foot that connects the foot to the calf muscle. You know, the bit that feels like it’s a bone. So yeah, it’s going to take weeks and weeks to heal properly.

keeping positive when life throws lemons snapped achilles heel

Summer Bummer

I feel upset because it meant we had to cancel our family holiday. We were due to fly to Menorca on Tuesday but we’ve had to cancel. The doctor said no and that is that. I know in the grand scheme of things this isn’t such a big deal. There will be more holidays. I just can’t help but feel grouchy and fed up at the moment.

keeping positive when life throws lemons snapped achilles heel

Blog Off!

The blog has been put on the back burner too. I’ve been so tired with my “real” job and looking after B and the hubby that come 8pm, the last thing I want to do is sit and write.

Snot Fun

And to make things worse, I’ve had a cold for what seems like weeks. It started just after Easter, so yes, it really has been weeks. I’m taking some antibiotics but I just want to feel well again.

So today’s blog post is a nothing post really. Just an update on life and my feeble attempt to try and be positive. So I ask you, when life throws you lemons, what do YOU do…other than add gin and tonic?!

Here’s what I do…

1. Overreact and get stressed about pretty much everything.

2. Catastrophise things that really don’t need to be catastrophised…example – hubby drops a glass by accident and wife goes bat-shit crazy.

3. Drink copious amounts of prosecco with the mum friends. Thank god b was at the grandparents last Sunday !

prosecco and champagne mum friends

4. Realise things aren’t that bad and I need to just hold my chin up and crack on.

5. Discover we have an ant infestation and get upset that we need to kill them.

6. Panic buy a load of furniture on eBay to upcycle. God knows why I decide to buy stuff when the hubby can’t help me carry it to the garage.

Life isn’t predictable is it. No matter how much we try and control our circumstances, we never really know what’s coming. I know J’s tendon will heal in time and I know we will get back to normal but this makes me anxious – anxious as to what else is around the corner. I know what WON’T be around the corner…bloody basketball. Or any sport that may re-rupture the tendon. Hubby is under strict instructions to Xbox and drink beer! He is really upset about that…

keeping positive when life throws you lemons and curveballs achilles heel recovery

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  1. Gosh I could have done this post! My husband also got injured, we managed to go on holiday to Butlins but it was a nightmare as the kids were really ill, we ended up in hospital with one of them and we got a phone call to say we are being evicted in 8 weeks! I feel a bit like I’m drowning..! haha! We will get through it, think positive! #KCACOLS

  2. Y’know, one thing I learned in the truly epic s%*t fest that was 2016 for me, is that sometimes it is okay to throw yourself a pity party for a while. you are allowed to feel down and wish things were different. The trick is making sure you look to the future and remind yourself that this too shall pass, and one day you wake up feeling happy again and it’s like a fog has cleared. Wishing a speedy recovery! xx #kcacols

  3. I broke my ankle last year and it took a year to heal (and it’s still a bit dodgy) so I sympathise. I hope things improve and you get your holiday this year. #kcacols

  4. My neighbours husband snapped his AT as well and her Mum had a stroke, so she is pretty down in the dumps too, all I can suggest is not to fight alone and to lean on friends. #kcacols

  5. Praying for healing for your dh. For the last 40 yrs or so life’s given me lemons. Chronic health issues, financial devastation(s), job loss, four surgeries, cancer… I go through similar stages. But God must have a plan for me or He would have allowed me to die of cancer so…onward!

  6. Last year was pretty crap for me. I found that going for tea with friends and eating lots of cake helped lol. Cake will get you through anything (well except a diet!) lol. x

  7. So sorry that you are having such a tough time at the moment. I always find that things start snowballing when one thing goes wrong 🙁 Hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine a little bit! #KCACOLS

  8. Oh you poor thing – this sounds rubbish. I can completely relate. At the start of this year my husband had a cycling accident and fractured his hand. He had to have it in a cast for over 2 months and then it took another month or so for him to rebuild strength to do basic tasks. My daughter was only just 2 at the time so she still needed lifting and carrying…which he couldn’t do. He normally does the nursery drop off…but he couldn’t drive. He couldn’t cook, wash-up, do bath time etc etc. It’s exhausting and I had a real meltdown after about 6/7 weeks.

    Chin-up lovely and know that it will end. And when it does you can hopefully treat yourself to the long overdue holiday. Wishing hubby a speedy recovery for all your sakes xx

    • Oh no Angela it sounds very similar! Are you back to normal now? Jon still has the boot on for another 6 weeks at least. We are managing much better now and he can put weight on it. I feel much better now though than when I wrote this ! Xx

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