Learning about Emotions with Eggspressions!

Eggspressions hape review learning about emotions with toddlers

Developing Emotional Maturity with Scrambled Eggs by Hape!

And that’s just for the parents ha. Today on the blog we’re sharing a short review of “Eggspressions” – cute wooden egg figures, by Hape, which aim to teach kids about emotions and feelings. If you want to pick up your own set of eggs, you can do so here. Now I could bore you with a load of egg puns…we’ll see.

These little wooden eggs are cute and my first thought was “ideal non-chocolate” toy for Easter! Of course that ship has sailed.

emotional child development eggspressions hape

Cracking fun

There are six eggs and they’re all painted with different expressions. Included is a book, “Scrambled Feelings” which tells a cute story of Humpty Dumpty and his cousins. The story goes through each emotion, and you can tell the story along with the eggs.

emotional child development eggspressions hape
Bran taking a read of the book!

The aim of the eggs is to encourage children to communicate their feelings. When I asked B if he recognised the different expressions, he got most of them. Shy wasn’t one he was familiar with.

emotional child development eggspressions hape


These eggs are made of wood and the features painted on. They come with their own little egg stand too. Of which b liked to stack up into a tower.

emotional child development eggspressions hape

One thing that is definitely missing is some sort of container to pop your eggs in after play! I find that toys like this tend to get scattered across multiple toy boxes and lost forever.

All our eggs in one basket!

If I were to describe my feelings right now using an egg, they would definitely be scrambled. We’ve had a tough few days as the hubby has been out of action with a snapped achilles. And it isn’t a quick recovery. On top of that, b was really sick the other night. It’s been stressful and I feel like an egg pulling it’s hair out would be more appropriate!

emotional child development eggspressions hape

How do you tackle emotions and feelings with your child? Have you used these eggs at all?

Eggspressions hape review learning about emotions with toddlersDisclaimer: We were provided these eggs for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are our own though!



  1. I think these are an amazing idea. J struggles with emotions at times so this sound eggcellent for him 😉 We use Makaton to talk about emotions but think I need something more visual for him. Thanks for the blog x

    • thank you for the kind comment:) they are super cute and very visual. really sturdy too!

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