How Motherhood has Wreaked Havoc on My Hair!

How Motherhood has Wreaked Havoc on My Hair! (2)

How Motherhood has Wreaked Havoc on My Hair!

Ever since having the little man, on the one hand my hair has been completely neglected and on the other hand, it’s probably doing so much better with the minimal straightening it gets!

I’ve never had great hair if I’m being honest. It’s always been a really crappy mousey brown colour and super flyaway fine. I can’t really do much with it and I tend to just grow it long and dye it plum.

Blonde to Black

I spent most of the 90s trying to bleach it blond with Sun-In and lemon juice. Who remembers Sun-In?! I then spent most of my early noughties dying it black! Early 2003 I got myself a pair of GHDs and subjected my poor hair to years of 200 degree plus heat.

And then along came the little man. Let’s just say straightening my hair each morning became less of a priority. I didn’t have time to wash my hair, never mind dry and straighten it.

how motherhood wreacked my hair - hari care routine

So what am I going on about anyway?

Today on the blog I’m going to talk about how motherhood has wreaked havoc on my poor hair. I’ll also share some of the things that have worked (and not worked) for me when it comes to hair. And then if all else fails, I can always opt for Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment!

Advanced what not?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment – basically a solution that will replicate naturally growing hair follicles for when my hair has gone grey and fallen out due to the stress of being a mum!

how motherhood wreacked my hair - hari care routine

So where have I gone wrong with my hair?

  • I’ve over coloured it. But then if I left it, it would grow out grey. Not a look I wanna sport just yet.
  • I’ve over straightened it. It’s frazzled.
  • I can never seem to find the time to get it trimmed. Sometimes I snip the ends myself. Worse, I end up pulling at it if I feel anxious or stressed. Never good.
  • I literally never style it. It just hangs; limp, lifeless and dull.

how motherhood wreacked my hair - hari care routine and tips for busy mums moms

Ok, ok so what about the positives of having crap hair when you’re a mum?!

  • Because it’s so dry and dusted, I don’t need to wash it so often. Twice a week max. I find it actually gets less greasy now if it’s washed less frequently. I’m also a dry shampoo fan and you can read more about my fave here.
  • I save loads of time in terms of blow drying and straightening. When you have a little one to sort out in the morning, styling hair doesn’t come top of the priority list. Well for me anyway! Maybe I need to write a post on making more time for myself hey.
  • Think of all that money I’ve saved by not going to the hairdresser…and all the money I’ve spent on baby stuff I didn’t really need. Hmm.

how motherhood wreacked my hair - hari care routine and tips for busy mums moms

  • I save money on shampoo and conditioner too. Win. I spend more money on my son’s hair care products now. Lose.
  • It didn’t bother me that much when the little man went through the hair pulling baby phase!

Argh who am I kidding! To be honest I’d love to have thicker, fuller hair that looked good. If you have any tips or pointers then be sure to share them with me in the comments!

How Motherhood has Wreaked Havoc on My Hair! (2)

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post but any thoughts and opinions are my own and as always, honest.


  1. Brilliant,I still colour mine at 63 yrs old every 5 weeks,but,I realised at 40 I should go to spec savers!! Now I just pay someone younger to do it until their eyesight starts to fail.

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